Stay Connected This Holiday Season

Sometimes the most challenging times reveal the biggest blessings. At a time in our life when we have been bombarded with conflicting messages, it is so important to keep sight of what is important - and it is family.

I want to open your mind to view your cells as part of your family. These energy bundles that coordinate every action, movement, thought, belief . . . every moment they are working to ensure you are getting the best from them. Giving love and attention to them will result in blessings and gifts that you have not experienced before. There is no one more important in your family than you and your cells, for when you give them the attention they deserve, you become the best version for those you love.

This will be a holiday season like no other. We won’t have the hustle of parties and gatherings, the malls won’t be crowded with shoppers, the restaurants won’t be filled with large gatherings and all in all, things will seem pretty quiet. But don’t despair . . . 

This is a time to connect to what is truly important – your body and health, your loved ones and your creative spirit. During times of challenge and hardship are when all the beauty comes forward. Challenges force us to think outside the box and create new processes, innovations and even traditions. This is a time of realignment, and what a beautiful gift this is.

When we have the time to reflect, to self-care and to re-invent ourselves, anything is possible. We have more opportunity than ever before to engage in new ways of living, loving and learning. I had been feeling as if we had lost the connection to what life is for with the direction the world was heading. Now, we have the incredible opportunity to create a world that is better for our kids, so they can manifest their genius to bring a brighter future to the forefront. 

With any change, it can feel like a death. We have to let go of the old that no longer serves to make room for the new. We have all experienced this many times in life; whether a relationship ending, a job loss or change, family and friends passing, and any other significant life event that throws us for a loop. But on the other side, once the healing has taken place, new life grows and abundance resumes.

As hard as it may feel this year, keep the faith that things are only going to get better. Give yourself, your cells, your loved and your creative spirit the chance to thrive. Rest, relax, sleep, connect as you can, read, cook healthy tasty meals and rejoice in the new opportunities to come. Give yourself the gift of space – inside and out.

Happy Holidays – I appreciate all so much and wish you the best!

Breathe & Believe

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