Fluid Isometrics and Fascia Unwinding

Block Therapy wasn’t the beginning of my journey. It started with intuitively using my hands on my body. As I tapped into the pain, I followed along, and noticed there was a specific path of least resistance. It felt like I was surfing, being carried by some unseen force as I glided through the tissue, connecting more deeply with every pass. I call this approach to unwinding fascia: Fluid Isometrics.

It was about two years after this began that I realized the pattern. The Fibonacci sequence is the spiral pattern of everything in nature, including how we develop, as well as how we age.  I came across information in Drunvalo Malchizedeck’s The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, explaining the Fibonacci Sequence and how this pattern is the architecture of everything built in nature. I immediately realized this was the path of my hands.

I have spent thousands of hours working on my own body. The combination of sensing the change in tissue with my hands, the change in pain that comes with the breath over time, and the improvement in the function and quality of tissue that always results, has given me a deep understanding of how this system works. 

Now I am going to share a story that demonstrates Fluid Isometrics and the Fibonacci sequence in action.

Brenda had a fall on August 1st. That evening, while walking her dog at midnight, a rabbit crossed their path. Harley is a 55- pound shepherd/collie mix with a lot of power and Brenda would wrap the leash around her wrist to ensure she had a good hold on Harley. Once the rabbit darted in front of them, Harley lunged at it and before she knew it, Brenda had rammed her face against the ground. As she got up, feeling a little confused, she thought she may have broken her jaw and some teeth. Before she knew it, once again, the dog lunged, pulling her head on into a tree. Lying semi-conscious on the ground, she knew major damage had happened, but all that mattered was getting home.

Miraculously Harley pulled her home, up the steps and barked until her husband woke and dealt with the horrifying situation. The result, Brenda fractured the right orbit, and lost the right eye in the process. This is apparently very rare to have both the loss of the eye as well as the fracture. As if that wasn’t enough, she also had neurological damage. Every time she smiled or moved her face in a certain way, a nerve was triggered and pulsed rapidly until she manually put pressure in the area to stop it. This was a daily problem from the moment the injury took place.

Brenda reached out to ask my opinion as there weren’t very positive options for her. Either getting Botox in her face, which she knew would result in issues as she has dramatic sensitivity and responses to things entering her body, or brain surgery. Both were terrifying to her. I asked her to come so I could treat her to see if we could get the issue resolved.

Interestingly, what was confusing the medical team, was the fact that the nerve that should have been responsible for the flutter, wasn’t the one being triggered. They mentioned it was as though the nerve took a U-turn. This made sense to me because of my understanding of how fascia twists and winds.

I spent one hour working on and around the eye and cheek. During the treatment I would ask her to smile so the nerve would be triggered, and I could feel the root of the issue. Following the path of least resistance and driving into the tensions where the twist was locked, we began unwinding the pattern that had resulted in the twitching, eliminating the connection to the muscle action of the smile. Once done, I had her smile to see if we made progress, and to Brenda’s delight, it wasn’t triggered.

Here is Brenda’s before video at 11:05 am central on Wednesday, February 28th ….. and the after video at 12:05pm central, one hour later.

I followed up the next day to see if the calm remained, and it had. I showed her what to do on her own if necessary and sent her to the appropriate program in my membership to continue on her healing journey with Block Therapy.

In the Block Therapy membership, I teach you how to use your hands on yourself as well, so you can tap into this powerful approach to unwinding your fascia. It also gives you the perspective of the changes that are happening to your tissue quality -- you can feel it immediately which adds confidence and excitement to fuel your practice.

My goal is to empower everyone to understand the fascia and the forces that act in and on the body. Knowing this gives you a direct approach to injury, pain, loss of function and so much more. And most importantly, it’s simple. Anyone can do this for themselves.

Join us in our Facebook community for support, learning and to discover how Block Therapy can have an impact on your life!

Breathe & Believe

Next Week: Transformation

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