Join Us for the 90 Day Challenge – Fall Edition!

There is nothing better than making a commitment to yourself and following through. I have to admit I am great at committing to others, less good at putting my needs at the top of the wrung. I recently allowed myself to be the most important person in my life, and now I feel I can be so much more to everyone else.

That’s what the 90 Day Challenge is for - putting you at the forefront of your life so you can make lasting changes that will serve you on every level. Being accountable to only you, giving yourself the time and space to connect and breathe - this is what we need to feel our power within. Once we connect to that, the power naturally exudes and we perceive life through a different lens.

Starting October the 14th, we will begin our next 90 Day Challenge. Since the last one, we have added new classes and series to the mix, so it will be the same layout as the last challenge, but with alternate classes to choose to give you variety and additional value. Also, as the added Q&A portion that was live last time is already in the challenge, this time we will connect each week for a live Zoom call. This will give you the opportunity to come out and ask questions and show me in the moment if there are any issues/concerns you would like addressed.

We had so many incredible testimonials and transformation stories from the last challenge, and we will do this again. I often had goosebumps when I listened to how this impacted people’s lives. What is most exciting is when someone is surprised by what they can suddenly do, which may have been a limitation for years prior to the program. It truly is the little things that bring us joy. These outcomes are filled with a whole bunch of little things adding up to create an entire shift of your being.

Participating as a community brings a coherence and energy to the work that magnetizes the intention so follow through is attained. That’s all you need to do - show up for you. Join me so we can move to the next level and empower our cells to be heard and acknowledged.


90 Day Challenge

Commitment | Perseverance | Transformation

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Breathe & Believe

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