How to Melt Bunions

A bunion is a bony bump that occurs at the joint of the big toe. It occurs when proper mechanics aren’t practiced, most notably when the ankle is collapsed (pronated), and the foot moves into external rotation (toes positioned away from midline, like a duck). This causes the tip of your big toe to get pulled toward the smaller toes and forces the joint at the base of your big toe to stick out.

This isn’t created overnight but is an accumulation of wear and tear. At first, inflammation is sent to the joint when there is excessive stress from standing and walking incorrectly. Inflammation sends healing proteins, oxygen and whatever else is required for tissue repair and rebuilding, however, if the mechanics that created the bunion don’t change, inflammation will continue. This will bring pain to the area, causing a shifting of gait to avoid pressure, and often the addition of ice to deal with the pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, both approaches will lead to a hardening, creating the bunion.

It is believed that once the bunion has become solid, surgery is the only option to remove it and realign the bones in the foot. However, by understanding the fascia system and how to release the pattern of movement that caused it to develop, we can heat the area and awaken the healing proteins to do their job of tissue repair, as well, change the mechanics of movement that created this in the first place by becoming conscious of our walking and standing posture.

When it comes to undoing what time has done, there is never a quick fix. It requires discipline and action, but when right action is put in place, change is continual. Even better, once corrections are set in motion, healing becomes exponential. It is the way you use your body all the time that adds up to create the issue at hand, so once you correct the mechanics that caused the issue, then movement helps to break down irregularities that surface.

There is no better testimonial than from those who practice. I was thrilled to receive this from one of our members who recently purchased the Bunion Virtual Intensive. The combination of doing Block Therapy to address the whole body, as well as targeting a specific area gives energy to areas that need attention, and repair and rejuvenation follow.

"The entire Block Program is amazingly effective in transforming the body. Deanna’s knowledge and expertise is tremendous as she guides us in fascia release. She is encouraging while seeking specific adhesion pain and then shares in the excitement of feeling renewed. Through Block Therapy I have learned that the feet are our foundation. The Bunion Intensive has given me a new sense of posture! At first, I began the work to make my feet look better, but now the real gift is a new connection to walking and standing with more grounding stability. With each round of blocking, I feel more and more freedom of movement. For me, Block Therapy is the fountain of youth!"

Karen Rupp

If you would like to learn more about how to melt your bunion and correct the mechanics that created it, click here.

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