The Solution to Cellulite is Only a Block Away

The solution to cellulite is to melt the fascia in the legs.

solution to cellulite fluid isometrics

I have written about cellulite before, but it is such a common, and frustrating situation that I felt more needed to be said.

Vanity is one of those strange things. We want to look our best and people are great at judging when we don’t. The reality though,  is that when we look our best we also feel our best.

The definition of looking good varies among people, but the underlying truth of beauty is dependent on the health within.

Cellulite is not only an affliction of the surface tissue, but tells a story of the tensions and pressures that the cells are coping with.

What creates the appearance of cellulite?

When we fall from balance, and everyone has to some degree, the cells in the body are at war with gravity. The tissue has to find a way to keep us upright as we unconsciously saunter through life, and it does this by gripping on to the bony surfaces to create stability. This is what creates the appearance of cellulite.

  • Fascia begins to freeze when it is not getting the proper amounts of oxygen and blood.  This happens when our body is ‘out of alignment’.
  • The fascia begins to curl around the bones in our legs, gripping the bone and curling more and more as the fascia freezes and increases in size.
  • The frozen fascia pulls the skin down toward the bone in the leg. This causes a ‘dimpling’ of the skin on the surface, creating cellulite.

No wonder we don’t feel good about ourselves when we have cellulite! We feel judged by the way it looks and emotionally, we really feel unsettled. Deep within, we are aware of this tension inside of us and it distracts the mind so that we don’t feel at peace.

 The Solution to cellulite

    • The solution to cellulite is to melt the fascia in the legs.
    • To melt the fascia we use the block with block therapy and diaphragmatic breathing.
    • As we melt through the frozen fascia in the leg, it releases the pressure on the skin, therefore reversing the ‘dimpling’.
    • The skin becomes more healthy and vibrant, looking younger and the cellulite begins to vanish.

So as cellulite affects us on many levels, the solution to cellulite benefits us on many levels.

Watch this video to see how we use Block Therapy to get rid of cellulite.

 The Solution to cellulite is yours today!


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