Block Therapy provides relief for chronic pain

“Absolutely unbelievable relief
for chronic pain.”

Hi, may name is Nancy Lussier. I was first introduced to Block Therapy last summer. At the time I was going to see a Physiotherapist and I hated the sessions. They were an hour long and for the whole hour I was in extreme pain. My daughter suggested that I try block Therapy so I did the Block Therapy Intro Video Series – the first three sessions. When I went back to my Physiotherapist there was no pain at all. It was just unbelievable relief for chronic pain. And she even said to me, “I’m sorry, I cannot take credit for this”. She said that she has never seen this before and “if this is what the block does for you then definitely continue doing it”.

Relief for chronic pain, increased energy and more

It gives you energy, it gives you confidence, it makes you calm. I’m not a psycho anymore. That’s what my kids used to call me. It just rounds you out 100% and it’s so worth doing.

Get relief for chronic pain now

Relief for chronic pain

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