Winner of the Lengthen & Strengthen Your Core 21 Day Challenge

Congratulations to Nancy Richardson – Winner of the Lengthen and Strengthen Your Core – 21 days to Look and Feel Better in Your Body.

We recently finished our 21 Day Challenge, and I am thrilled to share our first-place winner: Nancy Richardson.

Nancy’s greatest concern before beginning the challenge was her crooked posture. 

When viewing her before photos, you can see how she tilts over to the left. This is apparent by the tissue in the abdomen getting squeezed and ballooning out the side. The real driver of this collapse is her left calf and foot. You can see the fascia has wrapped around the top of her left shin, drawing this leg away from center. The right leg is acting like an anchor, to stop her body from tipping over. This has created a lot of internal tension in her body.

Aside from the outer expression of her posture, imagine what this is doing to the organs. The stomach for example, which sits below the diaphragm on the left side, will be directly affected by this collapse. This is also the area where the aorta, the main artery leaving the heart, is located. This pressure will challenge all structures in this area and affect overall health.

You can also see how she has tilted her head to the right. This is in response to the body being off balance and pulled to the left. These compensations are unconscious as the fascia is responding to the forces in an effort to keep the body upright.

Nancy's after photos are very exciting!!!

You can see a huge improvement to her overall posture. Her legs are now much better aligned so she is no longer getting pulled over to the left. This has brought balance to the core of her body. She has also lifted the ribcage and dramatically improved the symmetry of her shoulders, allowing head to rest in better alignment. 

If you also imagine what is happening to the internal organs, there is less congestion, more space for them to rest in their correct alignment, which means a better overall flow to all cells.

Congratulations again Nancy, in 21 days, you made incredible progress!!!

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