Where Did Fluid Isometrics Come From?

People often tell me that they have been asked, “What is Fluid Isometrics?” and they don’t know how to respond. I totally understand because it took me a long time to be able to put into words the essence of what it really is.  I’m very excited that we just finished filming, “The Birth of Fluid Isometrics – Deanna’s Story” which, in a few short moments beautifully tells the story of how this all came to be.

Fluid Isometrics is a spiritual practice for me

Fluid Isometrics is a result of a very painful journey. It has completely turned my life around though. My passion to share Fluid Isometrics with the world comes from the fact that it truly saved my life. In my book, The Power of Conscious Breathing I explain that I don’t think I would be alive today if it weren’t for Fluid Isometrics.

It has been really challenging for me over the years to explain Fluid Isometrics and it’s benefits. I have learned so much this past year with my amazing team about how, in order to reach people, you have to speak to what they want or need.

On the deepest level we all want peace, love and happiness, but often we think that the only way to receive them is  through external sources. There is no question that we all want to look our best – me included –  but that’s because appearance and health go hand in hand. Often I write about cellulite, weight loss and natural facelifts, but my underlying intent in promoting all of these things is to simply get people to connect to their breath and their heart so they can find the peace, love and joy that is waiting for them.

It is all about vibration after all. When we are positive and happy we vibrate at a higher frequency, and that positive energy is literally passed on to others. I want Fluid Isometrics to be a part of spreading those good vibrations.

I am so pleased to be able to share with you what I have learned.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

Watch The Birth of Fluid Isometrics

the birth of Fluid Isometrics

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