Becoming a Pain-Seeker with Block Therapy

Becoming a pain seeker with Block Therapy

Pain is something that everyone feels. For some, it defines their life, for others, it can be an annoyance. Wherever you are on the spectrum of living with or without pain, and how you manage it, it is something we generally don’t like.

It is funny sometimes when I say to people that Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy teaches you to make friends with pain. Many people can’t wrap their heads around making friends with something they perceive to be their enemy. But, we are going to live with pain for the rest of our lives. As long as we can feel, pain will surface. We can’t avoid it.

What Happens When We Ignore Pain?

Generally speaking, we don’t change things in our lives if they are positive. We change what we experience as negative. If my slumped posture created feelings of joy, I wouldn’t have a reason to change it. I’m only motivated to improve my posture because I experience pain in my body because of my poor posture. Pain is the language the body uses to let us know that our cells are getting squished. They are not receiving enough blood and energy flow because gravity combined with unconscious posture and breathing have reduced our internal space. Pain tells us something is wrong.  So, in essence, pain is our friend.

We have probably all had a true friend in our life that tells it like it is and lets us know if we are being a jerk. It is painful at the time, and many friendships end as a result of this kind of honesty, but for those who take that painful information for what it is – a clear message that something is wrong –  and change accordingly, that message may turn out to be the best gift of all.

When we ignore, abuse or take our cells for granted, pain is the message we receive back.  Sometimes we get angry with our body when it sends these messages of pain. We feel betrayed and resentful that our body isn’t performing properly or looking its best.  But, looked at another way, pain is that honest friend that says, “hey, you’re being a jerk.”What we do with this message is what matters.

Do we respond to the message with,  “Wow, that took guts for you to tell me that. I really appreciate it and I will seriously look at this issue and see what I can do?” Or do we ignore it until it gets to a point where the consequences are more serious and can no longer be ignored? Either way, unless  we make a change, the pain isn’t going away and it will resurface somewhere.

Block Therapy Teaches Us to Be Pain-Seekers

Block Therapy helps us find the long-ignored cause sites of our pain and then puts the space back into the tissue so blood and energy can flow efficiently to the cells. For those who practice Block Therapy regularly, being a pain-seeker soon becomes a meditative practice. Once we confront our pain, it is remarkable how much peace and relaxation can be found on the other side of it. We then start to crave that sense of release & well-being. This practice takes time and courage, but it is well worth the effort.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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