Difference between Block Therapy, the Melt Method & Yamuna

Difference between Block Therapy, the Melt Method & Yamuna

People often ask how Block Therapy is different from the Melt Method and Yamuna.

As an athletic therapist, I always focused on deep tissue work and it was fourteen years ago that I started to put the focus into my own body. Due to an anxiety attack, I dove into my belly with my hands and the seed for Fluid isometrics was planted.

Fluid Isometrics is unlike other manual practices because of the depth that we penetrate into the tissue. In order to “melt” through the 2000lb/square inch force of compressed fascia and scar tissue, we need to persuade the tissue to release with patience and determination. This is no easy feat, but with my program it is simple, fast and effective.

Block Therapy arose from a need to teach people the Self Care component of Fluid Isometrics. For years I put my attention into patient work but as I learned Fluid Isometrics on myself it has always been my passion to teach this to others.

Block Therapy is different from the Melt Method & Yamuna because of the medium

There are other wonderful methods of self-care, the Melt Method and Yamuna, for example. They follow similar principles to rid the body of restrictions and improve blood flow to restore the body back to health and balance. What makes Block Therapy different is the medium. The Block Buddy is made from bamboo or elm and is handcrafted to beautifully fit into the contours of the body. (See blog on why the block is made from wood). Combined with instruction of proper diaphragmatic breathing, the student learns to use the Block Buddy to seek their pain.

Also, Block Therapy is different from the Melt Method and Yamuna because of the areas of the body we focus on with the Block Buddy. Pain equals restriction. To melt and release that 2000lb/square inch seal which is the root of much of our suffering, empowers the student. We focus on the cause sites of our pain and suffering – areas of the body where the tissue can be incredibly dense. A softer medium like used in the Melt Method and Yamuna simply won’t penetrate to the same depths as wood will.

The goal of all of these practices (like Block Therapy, the Melt Method and Yamuna) are to help people help themselves. Whatever method you choose, congratulations for taking your healing journey into your own hands.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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    1. Hello Yvonne,

      You can order the Block Buddy and Block Therapy Intro Video Series on this page for $89.95 plus shipping. Be advised that the price will be increasing by $10 on September 15 so I encourage you to place your order! You can also call our office at 1-844-B-PHENOM (274-3660) if you have any other questions.

  1. I think there are two other major differences as well (I have reviewed both Melt and used the Miracle Ball Method for a number of years). I have just received my Block Buddy and am slowly working through the exercises. I have had chronic pain since childhood.

    In both the Melt and Miracle Ball method you shy away from pain. Instead, if it hurts, you back off. This is also the method of most modern medical treatments. If you have chronic pain for long enough, you become afraid of the pain.

    Deanna’s method is unique in that she teaches her clients to be pain seekers, to learn to breathe within the pain and work on releasing it.

    The second difference is that Melt and MB also make a point of staying away from the “soft” places, where muscle and tissue are not supported by your skeleton, whereas Deanna focuses on reversing the “boiled shrimp” look we often take on after years of sitting.

    I’m very excited to see where this method will take me on my journey!

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