What does it mean to melt fascia?

Melt fascia with Fluid Isometrics Block TherapyA lot of confusion can arise when we talk about how Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy can melt fascia. I think people have this image that this means the connective tissue disintegrates. In Gil Hedley’s “The Fuzz Speech”, he mentions that melting refers to ‘hydrating and liquefying’, not obliterating the tissue.

For fascia to be healthy and supportive to the body, it needs to be at a certain temperature. In the beautiful video ‘Fascia Magnified 25x’, where it shows fascia magnified, we can see that the fascia tubules are hollow and filled with liquid, and that they carry light. It is explained that this means messages can travel through the fascia at the speed of light. This is incredibly important to understand for health. If the fascia becomes thick or cold, transmissions are affected.

What causes the need to melt fascia?

It is through proper mechanics of the body that we maintain the optimal tissue temperature. Breathing with the diaphragm muscle is like turning on the furnace in the body. The mechanics of this muscles’ action regulates the core temperature from the continual movement of this muscle moving up and down in the core with proper inhalation and exhalation. Correct posture is required to support the diaphragm’s shape and action. When we collapse into the core from unconscious posture, the diaphragm doesn’t have the opportunity to move as it is designed.

When the diaphragm can’t function, the muscles of this upper chest kick in to pull in the breath, but this is limiting to the health of the fascia as the overall temperature of the body becomes cooler resulting in the need to melt fascia. If breathing with the diaphragm is like turning on the furnace, breathing with the chest muscles is like putting a space heater in a room. Only that room will be heated, not the whole building.

Not only does the lack of movement from the diaphragm affect tissue temperature, but tissue compression from incorrect posture also causes a cooling – and a need to melt fascia. Tissue needs space in order for fluids to travel freely. Compressed tissue is dense and creates roadblocks, or tree trunks of restriction as shown in the video below, ‘Fascia Magnified 25x’. For tissue to be healthy and clean, it needs to have room for blood and oxygen to reach cells, and to clean them of debris. We need to decompress tissue manually in order to remove the roadblocks and heat the tissue with the full conscious breath. Thus, melt fascia.

Block Therapy is a wonderful solution for health as it heats the tissue from the inside and out. If you have watched the “Fuzz Speech”, you can see that the older “fuzz” can become very thick, where a scalpel is required to move through it. This would be fascia in a deep freeze. In fact, the tissue can seal with a force up to 2000lbs/square inch. This thick, frozen fascia needs to be decompressed and heated to liquefy the fluids and promote movement and freedom. This is what we mean when we say ‘melt fascia’.

Block Therapy is incredibly efficient at doing this because the pressure created from the Block Buddy, your body weight, gravity and time decompresses tissue, releasing restrictions and adhesion’s, which allow the strands of fascia to move apart. Instruction of proper breathing sends blood and oxygen into the tissue to feed and heal cells, inflating the previously compressed tissue, and proper postural awareness maintains the newly created space.

Understanding the mechanics of cellular health can be overwhelming, but really it is simple if you understand the fascia and its role in the body. There is a lot of confusion out there because it is only recently that attention has been given to this system. Simply put, fascia needs to be properly aligned so fluids can travel freely. When there are blocks from compression and a cooling from incorrect breathing, flow to and from cells is compromised.

The best part about Block therapy is if you do it, you understand it. It is like meditating, you can read hundreds of books on it but it is the practice that gives you the benefit.

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What does it mean to melt fascia?
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Melt fascia with Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy.
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