How Block Therapy Can Prevent A Heart Attack

Block Therapy Can Prevent A Heart AttackI have had the pleasure of living in Winnipeg, Manitoba my whole life. Some people call it ‘Winterpeg’ as there are many months that we are literally in a deep freeze. For weeks on end, the temperature can drop to -30 degrees Celcius, putting a stop to the flow of just about everything. Having said that, the summers can be incredibly hot, reaching +30 degrees Celcius.

I live on the 13th floor of an an apartment on the river, and have watched the river freeze and thaw year after year. I get to observe in slow motion how the cooling temperatures start to change the rivers’ flow, until it becomes blocked. This has given me great insight into the flow of blood through the vessels, as flow is largely determined by temperature.

Diaphragmatic Breathing is one of the keys to prevent a heart attack

When we breathe properly with the diaphragm muscle, the core of the body is given a continual, internal massage. This internal movement creates a heating effect. Imagine the aorta leaving the heart, carrying blood to feed the entire body. If the temperature is optimal for flow, this task is simple. However, the majority of people do not breathe properly, pulling the breath in with the muscles of the upper chest. This lack of movement in the core will cause the area to become cooler.

The first thing to note is what happens to fats. Butter, when heated is a liquid, however when it is at room temperature, it becomes a solid. As the core of the body cools in its overall temperature, the fats carried in the blood begin to solidify. Watch the video below to see how with the river the ice starts to clump. Then, as the temperature continues to drop, the ice accumulates on the banks, causing a narrowing of the rivers’ bed. In the body, this means a narrowing of the arteries as the fats solidify and stick to the walls. this creates less space for optimal flow, resulting in an impairment of circulation.

The challenge is that once the core has become cooler, the tissue develops adhesions that affect alignment. The internal collapse created from incorrect breathing literally strangles the diaphragm muscle, making it almost impossible to breathe the way the body is intended. Theses adhesions can seal the tissue with a force of 2000lbs/square inch, literally freezing the area, just like the river in the winter.

Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy can help prevent a heart attack by heating up and melting through the tissue

Block Therapy can help prevent a heart attack because it heats up the tissue by creating an opportunity to “melt” through the adhesions that seal the core out of alignment, and access the diaphragm muscle so it can resume its’ proper function of working to pull oxygen in and release carbon dioxide. The application of this incredibly efficient bodywork allows the overall tissue temperature to increase, melting the fats off the arterial walls, and improving the overall circulation. It is simple to do, and highly effective.

The body can be challenging to understand, but there are some basic principles that we can apply to improve health and prevent disease. Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy addresses the body in such a way that cellular health, healing and tissue rejuvenation are within reach.

Keep The Flow Going To Prevent A Heart Attack

Just like the river in the winter, when our tissue is cold, flow is challenged. When flow becomes blocked, cells don’t receive what they need to function and pain, age and disease set in. By understanding the need for tissue to be at its optimal temperature and how to create this internally, we can minimize risks.

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