Patterns in Nature

I have learned so much about the fascia by observing the patterns found in nature. To be able to “see” the way the body changes with time makes sense when you compare it to what you see in the natural world. For example, I have learned so much about the way fascia freezes and thaws from observing the river. Living on the 13th floor on the banks of the Assiniboine River, in a city that has an extreme range of temperatures from summer to winter, I have an eagle’s eye view of what takes place.

For example, in the spring when the river begins to melt, you see the same patterns occurring each year. The river goes from being frozen, where there is no awareness of flow. Like a roadway, the solid mass can carry cars and people on its surface, it’s density supporting incredible weight.

Then, as the temperature begins to rise, you start to see the roadways melting. The surface is still fully frozen, but you begin to see a thinning of the paths.

Before you know it, the tracks lose their form and separate as the heat continues to rise, and you are sure that in no time, the car you once drove on the river will need to be a boat.

Then, when you expect to see only water, there is finally enough heat and energy that the deeper, frozen layers begin to surface and rush to the surface as the river cleanses itself. What once looked peaceful is now a turbulent fluid hurricane. Vortexes under the surface are in motion as the change is taking place. These deeper ice giants being released surface in chaotic fashion causing the river to become swollen and violent. 

As the temperature continues to heat up and the ice melts further, what were once solid chunks now become almost like ghosts traveling into another form.

They are soon to merge with the flow of the river, never to be in that prior state again. 

Further heating leaves only a whisper of their presence, until their time as a solid has completely ended.

The result is a fluid body that has an ease of flow.

This similar process can be seen in the fascia when many start the journey of fascia decompression. For example, some women have so much blockage in the lower body that the legs feel incredibly hard to the touch, and no matter the size, there is no jiggle to the tissue. Often to them, this is seen as a positive as we are conditioned to want a “hard body”. When beginning the melting process and creating change to the tissue temperature, they can go through a similar journey as the river thawing.

There have been a few incidences where we hear from members that they were hopeful in the beginning that this would rid them of cellulite as they were seeing positive results, but at some later point they reach out as they sense they are getting worse in this regard. This is that moment like the melting of the river where you think it will soon be flowing water, only to see those ice giants surface from the depths, creating havoc and swelling. This is generally not appreciated by those in the moment, but a sign of the deeper cleansing of toxins and debris. 

This is the storm before the calm, so to speak. Continuing with the melting will take you to the next level of change, which is a dissipation of the solids, a cleansing of the waste, finally leaving the tissue in its healthy, fluid form. At this point, there is only appreciation if one perseveres through the healing, and a sign that you have successfully changed the dynamic of your fascia.

There are no quick fixes in life. Even the thawing of the river has its process. Not everybody’s tissue is as frozen as the river in Winnipeg in the winter, so not everyone will have to undergo this journey. However, if you are starting at a point where you have major blockages to your system and your legs feel hard to the touch - this may happen. However, the great news is that the journey of melting the adhesions will bring a multitude of benefits,  and of course, like the river in Winnipeg, with continued attention, eventually your overall tissue temperature will heat up so you have the optimal flow for health, just like the river in the beautiful warm summer!

Breathe & Believe,


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