A Special Thank You To Karen and Eric Speijer

I met the most amazing couple.

Eric Speijer with Deanna HansenLast week I was in Penticton, British Columbia visiting Karen and Eric Speijer.

I connected to Eric Speijer on LinkedIn and he was immediately drawn to Fluid Isometrics. After about 4 weeks of communicating via Skype and phone, I went out to visit to see if there was an opportunity to further develop my business and share Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy.

This was one of those opportunities that felt right, as I immediately became aware of Eric’s sincerity and openness. In a short period of time he understood the concepts of my work and quickly began to apply the practice and see the results. Eric Speijer is now, as he says, a disciple of Fluid Isometrics and will be instrumental in the development and success of the up and coming Fluid Isometrics Events, to be held regularly at the beautiful world class Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa, just outside of Kelowna. Stay tuned for details.

I have always believed that success in life is first and foremost about relationships. I have mentioned on countless occasions how wonderful my team is and that I wouldn’t be here without them. To welcome new relationships and evolve, create and grow brings so much excitement and joy, and this is just the beginning. What I love the most is this is taking on a life of it’s own. It is outside of me now, as so many know of the value of this practice and undeniably see the results. It is only a matter of time before it will become a household name.

Thank you Karen and Eric Speijer for inviting me into your home and for spending the time to truly learn and understand my work. Most importantly, thank you for the friendship. This is just the beginning!

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen



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