Is Fluid Isometrics helpful for a hiatal hernia?

A lot of people with digestive disorders often have an undiagnosed hiatal hernia. Is Fluid Isometrics helpful for this condition?

What Is A Hernia?

Whenever there is a lack of space within the body the health care system calls it a hernia. A hiatus hernia is a hole within the diaphragm. With Block Therapy it is all about creating space. That space is created by using our hand crafted therapeutic tool called the Block Buddy.

How Can Block Therapy Provide Relief For A Hernia?

When we start Block Therapy it is recommended that we begin with the Block Therapy Core Class. This is the class where we learn to breathe diaphragmatically by focusing on the diaphragm muscle. The reason is this is where we first begin to collapse into our core as it has become lazy over time as we breathe from our upper chest. We were born to breathe from the diaphragm, however as we go through life we tend to hold our breath out of fear or worry and then improper breathing becomes habitual.

Once the initial collapse occurs, the rest of the rib cage begins to collapse due to our unconscious posture. We now need to open up and melt through these restrictions and create space so that all the abdominal organs have room to function as they were meant to do. By opening up the rib cage we can again access the diaphragm muscle and start to breathe as we were born to do. This increase in oxygen and blood flow helps to heal the inner dis-ease.

Block therapy is very effective and a natural way to do this.

I hope this helps you in your decision in moving forward with Block Therapy. Your body will thank you

Shelley Elhatton RN
Certified Block Therapy Instructor

Fluid Isometrics is helpful for a hiatal hernia
The first placement in a Block Therapy class is always on the core as shown.

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