Pain Free Gardening With Block Therapy

Pain Free Gardening

Don’t Let Pain Prevent You From Gardening!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a passion for my many gardens. All winter I plan, dream and patiently wait as I watch the snow melt then see the heads of my many perennials pop up to say hello once again. The spring is such a busy time for us lovers of the gardens. If you were to stop by, you would see me covered in mud, head to toe. My soul awakens once again and all my senses come alive as I buzz through my yard starting the many projects I have on my list.

Chronic Pain Prevented Me From Gardening

I did very little – if any buzzing around my gardens over the past few years while I struggled to regain my health following a surgery. I was so frustrated feeling all the restriction and pulling going on in my body as I attempted to get onto my knees to pull weeds and clean a bed. Even the smallest movement would throw my pelvis out of alignment and I would end up in even more pain. Chronic pain is such a difficult and exhausting thing to live with. I struggled to find balance within, and even with all the therapies I was doing to help myself get better, the results were just temporary. Most people who have time off work to enjoy the summer would be thrilled. For me, sitting and watching all the weeds grow and feeling helpless to do anything about it was anything but enjoyable.

I always believed in my body’s wisdom and the power for healing to occur, but what was I missing? I would sit in the sun for hours listening to the birds and waiting for some sort of sign.

Block Therapy Provided The Solution For My Pain

I remember exactly when I finally got it! I was sitting with a friend, having coffee and she mentioned the words Block Therapy. I didn’t have a clue what Block Therapy was, but my ‘body wisdom’ knew that this is what I needed to move the healing to the next level. We signed up immediately and attended the following week. What can I say, AMAZING!

Block therapy is very much like gardening . If you don’t get to the root of the problem, the problem doesn’t go away. If you pull a weed out but leave the root behind, it will create even more weeds. The next thing you know you have a garden full of weeds. Our bodies are really the same as a garden. We must be able to free up space so the inner landscape can change and heal. The Block Buddy helps create space as we melt away restrictions, the breath, helps to inflate that newly made space, then we work on our posture to maintain that space.

I’m Now Enjoying Pain Free Gardening

The first day I walked into a Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy class I had no idea what it really was, but once I was there, I knew that I had come upon a huge key in my healing. Fast-forward to one year later, I am back outside buzzing around in my gardens covered from head to toe in mud – and I couldn’t be happier! My body is still healing and I still have some pain to deal with, however, now I have this amazing therapeutic tool , called the Block Buddy. I can get onto my mat and become one with my Block as it works deep within my restrictions and I focus on my breath.

I now have two things that I am extremely passionate about, the love of gardening, and the love of learning , healing and now sharing this amazing therapy with others. Block Therapy is a therapy, an exercise and a mediation all in one, just like gardening. How Blessed I am !

Shelley Elhatton, RN
Certified Block Therapy Instructor

Shelley Elhatton is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy Instructor. She teaches Intro Block Therapy classes in Winnipeg and is also available for private Block Therapy classes customized to your specific health needs. Click here to learn more about Shelley.

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