Miraculous Healing or Fascia Decompression?

Disclaimer: Graphic photos below.

It was March 28, 2021 when Lisa called me from the hospital. She had been in a life-threatening sledding accident, hitting a snow wall at 83 miles per hour. She fractured 8 bones in 13 places and sustained a concussion. A year and a half later when meeting the EMT who helped her at the site of the accident, she learned they didn’t think she would ever walk again.

When she called me, of all her injuries, it was the broken left arm that was the most painful. Fracturing the wrist and elbow, she explained that she had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and described it like a sunburn, with acid being put on it. Fortunately, she had already recovered from 13 years of chronic pain with Block Therapy and knew how to breathe. She shared that this was her saving grace during the month in the hospital.

The prognosis wasn’t good. They suspected she wouldn’t walk again and never be able to have normal function with her left hand. Here are some photos showing the extent of her fractures at the time of injury.

Once she came home and was ready to dive into a structured rehab process with me, we connected weekly on zoom so that I could assess, provide one-on-one work and give her a protocol for the week until we met again. We began this journey in September and worked on a regular schedule for about 25 weeks. Lisa was and is a phenomenal patient, not everyone would have the resolve to undergo such a transformation, but at the age of 60, she wasn’t willing to never pick up her grandkids, and she put in the time.

Change occurred every week. Although we worked her entire body, a lot of time was put into her left arm and hand. The way she described the combination of numbness and pain made me cringe, but she always felt relief from blocking, so this prompted her to continue. Along the way she would have follow up appointments with doctors and therapists, and they were shocked at her progress. This was helpful for Lisa to hear, for as much as she was overcoming incredible injury, the daily frustrations were exhausting.

She was doing a combination of Blocking and Fluid Isometrics (using her hands to melt the scar tissue). At one point it was clear we needed another way to get even deeper into the arm. The elbow is such a complex joint, and with the fractures she sustained, it was a congested mess. I had her buy a dowel so we would have a more pointed tool to use.

This was a real gamechanger. Finding ways to leverage the pressure she needed, she was able to get much deeper and every week from there she was gaining even better range with her extension in the elbow and supination in the wrist. Also, the numbness was dissipating as her nerves were beginning to rejuvenate and she soon started to use the hand again: holding plates, putting her earrings in and doing up her bra. She has even gone sledding again, noting the vibration on her hands even made her arms feel better.

Lisa still has some work to do, but she is walking without a limp, is functional with her hand, has gotten rid of varicose veins and cellulite, and is thrilled with her new size and shape. She is now in the Block Therapy University program and will be using her experience to help many around the world to find relief and heal from trauma. 

Watch this video to see our discussion, not only is this exciting, but she is also a hoot to listen to!

Breathe & Believe

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