Weight Loss With Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy


How many of you work really hard to lose weight only to fail continually?  Weight loss is something so many are seeking yet many aren’t achieving.  Part of the reason is we are not looking at the most efficient solution. Maybe if we changed the focus, we would approach our mission in a different way. So instead of calling it weight loss, I am calling it:

Weight Loss = Size Loss, Space Gain

There are only two times in our life when we actually increase the number of fat cells in the body – when we are babies and when we hit puberty. Otherwise, if our size is increasing, it is because the fat cells are expanding. So what makes fat cells expand?

When we breathe consciously and practice proper posture, we keep the cells in the body intact and in their appropriate position. When we don’t, the chest literally collapses into the core of the body, taking away our inner space. The result is a displacement of tissue outward, also known as a bulging belly and love handles. This is why it is harder to “lose weight” as we get older. It isn’t the weight we should be focused on losing as much as it is the internal space we should be focused on gaining.

Another thing that happens when we “fall in” to our core is we block proper digestion and elimination. The diaphragm muscle responsible for conscious breathing is the ceiling to the abdominal organs and the floor to the heart and lungs. When this muscle is working it gives these organs a continual massage, keeping them heated and functioning. When we don’t, these organs become cold and consequently function less efficiently. This causes a sluggish system where bloating, weight gain and pain result.

We have helped many people get on track with their weight issues, and Shelley Hansen said it best. “I wasn’t fat, I was trapped. For years I tried to lose weight but it wasn’t until I started applying Fluid Isometrics that my size began to decrease. Today, in my late forties, I look and feel the best I ever have”.

With Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy, we focus on putting the inner space back that time has taken away. We work in the core, heating the area, thereby improving blood and energy flow. This gives the diaphragm muscle the ability to function better, resulting in increased oxygen to the cells. As the cells are now fed and nourished, they relax, releasing tension and toxins.

When we melt through blockages in the body, cells that were previously blocked are now ready to be fed. It takes energy to feed these cells, resulting in an increase in metabolism.

The pancreas, the organ that secretes insulin to control blood sugar, lives directly below the diaphragm. With this organ receiving a continual massage from proper breathing, the body can regulate blood sugar with greater efficiency. This is also necessary for managing our size.

With Block Therapy, we teach you what you can do at home to help you move forward with your goals every day. Just five minutes a day will make differences in your body, not only with your size, with your health in general.

Breathe & Believe,

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How many of you work really hard to lose weight only to fail continually? Weight loss is something so many are seeking yet aren’t achieving. Part of the reason is that we are not looking at the most efficient solution. Maybe if we changed the focus, we would approach our mission in a different way.

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  1. if I do the 90 day program, is a block included? Do I start as soon as I sign up? Please send any pertinent info…..I’m very interested. Thank you, Dee

    1. Hi Dee,

      The Block Buddy is not included with the 90 Day program, but you will need it. As soon as you sign up for the 90 Day Program you will begin receiving daily emails to guide you through each day.

      You can order the 90 Day program online by clicking here

      Feel free to contact our office if you have anymore questions. 204 452-1175

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