Breast Tissue Health with Block Therapy

Breast Health is something we all want – and to have it, you need to understand fascia and how to keep it healthy.

Cellular alignment is the key to everyone. When your cells are exactly where they should be, there is optimal flow to feed the cells what they need, as well as to keep them clean.

Life is dirty – the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat and even the radiation from technology all contribute to the environment – and then there are your thoughts – Fear, negative thinking about yourself or others, stressors that affect us – these all play a role in fascia health.

So, now that you know that life is dirty, how do you keep your fascia clean to prevent pain, aging and disease?

The fascia is like a 3-dimensional matrix innervating every one of your 100 trillion cells. If the cell is an egg, the fascia is the eggshell. It is there to protect you and provide a nice balance of stability and flexibility from the combination of collagen and elastin that make up fascia. The challenge we have is that through compression – or the collapsing of posture from gravity and unconscious posture and breathing, the elastin/collagen balance is compromised, leaving some cells thick with scar tissue – too much collagen, or hyper-mobile – too much elastin.

This occurs from the migration of cells over time. If you don’t support proper postural foundations, the body shifts from being dominant on one side and life in general, causing a migration of cells to a new alignment. False walls and false floor – a bunching of fascia – occur to create that stability, but ultimately leave the body compressed and blocking blood and oxygen flow to cells – pain, aging and disease result.

To add to the challenge, fascia will glue to itself, and bone, with a 2000 pound per square inch force. This is the culprit of pretty much everything deemed negative in the body.

Block Therapy is the solution to this and it has an incredible impact on breast health. Understanding the foundation of breast tissue is the ribcage, which is supported by proper diaphragmatic breathing, Block Therapy focuses on the Core/Ribcage alignment combined with strengthening the breath to balance the platform the breast tissue resides. Then you work the surrounding areas to open lymphatic flow in the armpits to clean the tissue. This releases any build-up in the tissue creating an acidic environment and oxygenates tissue to be healthy.

The added bonus – a breast lift. The postural education that is part of Block Therapy creates a proper floor to support breast tissue. Combined with inflating of cells from proper diaphragmatic breathing, the breasts become lifted and full again. On April 10th, we are hosting a Live Virtual Intensive targeting Breast/Lung Health.

Once you understand your fascia through the practice of Block Therapy, you become your own health advocate as you learn to listen to what your cells are saying.

It’s time to be kinder to yourself and to learn to listen to and love your cells. They are here to support your health and vitality and they speak to you every moment. We have learned to tune them out and fear pain and change. Once you connect and learn to listen – be ready for joy, health and happiness.

Breathe & Believe

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