Lung Health with Block Therapy

Scar tissue build-up on the lungs hinders an individual’s ability to breathe properly and can negatively affect quality of life. Being able to inhale and exhale with ease is one of those gifts of health that is taken for granted, and when you can’t breathe with ease, life becomes uncomfortable and challenging. Not only will this affect your ability to perform normal activities, it will also create internal tension and stress that will affect your emotional well-being.

Scar tissue is thick and dense, and lacking in blood flow. This means it can’t expand to create the space needed for normal movement. When there is scar tissue on the lungs, inhaling normal amounts of air can be compromised. Try breathing through a straw for one minute to feel the incredible discomfort and hardship it would add to your life if your lungs don’t function properly. Fortunately, there is a way to get deep into the ribcage and affect the lungs, melting the scar tissue to improve health.

Scar tissue is made up of collagen that has migrated to a site of repetitive stress, injury or surgery. From the perspective of tissue temperature, which is healthy at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, scar tissue is cold. The addition of collagen has taken away the space for blood to flow and feed the cells and becomes frozen. This adds density to the tissue and drives the aging process. What needs to happen for health to resume is to heat up the area and melt the scar tissue.

This is what Block Therapy does. The combination of lying on the tool – The Block Buddy, for a minimum of 3 minutes to create external heating of the tissue, combined with proper diaphragmatic breathing which provides internal heating from the action of this muscle, effectively melts scar tissue and allows blood and oxygen flow to penetrate, feed and heal the area of concern. Even better, there are countless positive side effects that you will reap with continued use.

Scar tissue is the culprit for pretty much everything negative in the body. Acting as a barrier to blood and oxygen flow, it diminishes the cell’s ability to be properly fed and clean and compromises every aspect of health. Join the thousands of people who already know the profound benefits of this simple to follow practice and live a life of renewed energy, movement, freedom and ease.

Breathe & Believe


If you want to work toward melting the scar tissue from your lungs, join us for a two hour Virtual Intensive targeting lung health.

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