Improve Your Eye Health with Block Therapy and Fluid Isometrics

Block Therapy and Fluid Isometrics address the Fascia System, and even the eyes are made up of fascia. In fact, every single cell in the body is interconnected through the fascia system. When it comes to eye health, the same rules apply – you need to have an optimal supply of blood and oxygen flow for them to be healthy.

From incorrect posture and unconscious breathing through a lifetime, compression and scar tissue develop throughout the body. The ribcage is the foundation for the head and neck. When the ribcage has collapsed into the core, it pulls the head forward, causing a barricade to the carotid arteries – the main arteries supplying the head and neck…and eyes, with blood flow.

To add to this, most people have a dominant eye. This causes a head tilt to the posture of most people. The fascia in its ingenious design is here to support and protect us so the tissue grips to bone in the attempt to stop the cells from migrating away from their correct alignment. It is the grips that are sealed with an amazing 2000 pounds per square inch that ultimately blocks blood and oxygen flow to the eyes.

The solution to improve eye health is to melt/release the grips, breathe life/oxygen into the space and correct posture to support cellular alignment and keep the gates open for the body to continually feed and clean the cells.

On August 21st, I will be spending 2 hours teaching you how to use the block to improve overall flow to the head and neck, and you will learn the technique Fluid Isometrics to clean the areas on the face and around the eyes to release those deep adhesions affecting your vision.

Like anything in the body, the eyes have an amazing ability to regenerate if given what they need. Join me for this 2-hour session to learn how to improve your vision and even create a more youthful appearance to your face.

Click Here to Register for the Virtual Intensive.

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