Why is Posture so Important for Health?

At some point everyone will be told to sit up straight. This sounds simple enough but there are underlying forces that make this a challenge for most people.

In order to have a body that can withstand years gravity and stress acting upon it, the foundation is the first thing to consider. It needs to be built from a place of integrity, so that everything up the chain will be safe and supported. The lower body, including the feet, legs and pelvis, are the foundation for the rest of the body. If this alignment is incorrect, everything else will suffer.

The pelvis is like a bucket and supports the organs of reproduction and elimination. If properly aligned, everything sits in its appropriate place, receiving optimal blood and energy flow. This also allows the core to be properly positioned so the diaphragm can draw in the full amount of oxygen and release carbon dioxide. If the foundation is incorrect, the core alignment is such that the diaphragm is inadequate in its functioning, compromising the most vital nutrient necessary for cell health…. oxygen.

The issue with our foundation is that we haven’t rooted to the ground. We should have 60% of our body weight on the heels, but the average person has 80% on the balls of their feet. We are tipping too far forward, and the result is we are collapsing into our inner space. This collapse causes the connective tissue, or fascia, to compress upon itself. False floors are created when proper foundations aren’t maintained. Unfortunately, the false floors act as barricades to blood and energy flow. Of even greater concern is that they glue to bone with a force of 2000 pounds per square inch!

Look at how people stand; almost EVERYONE hyper-extends at the knees. This causes the pelvis to rotate forward, which means the rest of the body is thrown off kilter. Every aspect of health and appearance will be affected with an incorrect foundation, as the lack of inner space will block cells from life. What we need to do is properly root to the ground to stabilize the core.

The combination of having the feet properly aligned, the knees slightly bent, the thighs internally rotated and the pelvis aligned with the slight contraction of the anus, combine together to create a strongly rooted lower body. This might sound overwhelming, which is why in Block Therapy Members (BlockTherapyMembers.com), I have created a 21 day Lower Body Alignment Training Program. It is simple to do if you take it in steps and apply a little attention and awareness. It then becomes habit.

We all want to feel and look great. Life is more exciting when we have energy. We need to understand the importance of conscious posture to aging in the healthiest way possible. It is what we do all the time that adds up to create the way our body moves, looks and feels.

Start today and have a healthier tomorrow.

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Breathe & Believe

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