What is Rooting and Why Is It Important?

I often talk about rooting during Block Therapy classes. The reason is because if we want to build a structure that can withstand years of forces acting upon it, building a strong foundation is the most important step; everything up the chain depends on it in order to be safe and sound.

The lower body, including the feet, legs and pelvis, is the foundation for the rest of the body. If the alignment in the lower body is incorrect, everything above it will be too.

Why Rooting is Critical To Health

Lower Body Alignment is Critical To Health. The pelvis is like a bucket that supports the organs of reproduction and elimination. If properly aligned, everything sits in its appropriate place, receiving optimal blood and energy flow. This correct alignment also ensures that the core is properly positioned to allow the diaphragm to draw in as much fresh oxygen as possible and to release harmful carbon dioxide and other toxins from the body.

The problem is we are no longer properly rooted to ground. We should have 60% of our body weight on our heels, but the average person has 80% on the balls of their feet. In other words, we are tipping too far forward, and the result is we are collapsing into our inner space. This collapse causes the connective tissue (fascia) to compress and creates false floors that act as barricades to blood and energy flow.  In addition, almost everyone hyper-extends at the knees. This causes the pelvis to rotate forward, which means the rest of the body is thrown off kilter. Every aspect of health and appearance will be affected with an incorrect foundation.


Week 4 of my 90-day program, “90 Days to a Whole New You” is all about creating proper rooting habits. Like a tree, we want strong roots to support us lifelong, and with a little time and attention we can create them.

What Does a Body Look Like When Rooting?

A strong rooted body is as follows:

  • Feet face forward (not out like a duck)
  • Knees are slightly bent
  • Thighs are internally rotated
  • Pelvis is aligned with the slight contraction of the anus

This might sound like too much to be thinking about all at once and all the time. That’s why I have dedicated an entire week of my 90-day program to just this one topic. It is simple to do if you take it in steps.  Eventually it becomes a habit.

We all want to feel and look great. Life is more exciting when we have energy. But creating positive habits like rooting takes time. If we try to do too much all at once we will most likely fail.  That’s why my 90-day program addresses many of the things we need to do to improve our overall health and appearance, one day at a time. With a little encouragement anyone can develop positive lifelong habits.  I believe starting with the roots is the best way to form healthy habits that will be strong and last a lifetime.


Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

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