Understanding Fascia and Aging

What actually causes aging? We know it can be seen in the lines in our face, the spots on our skin, the thinning of our hair and the sagging, hanging tissue that was once taut and firm. It is also the degeneration of our body’s tissue resulting in pain and disease. The ultimate driver of this is gravity. The good news – we have an anti-gravity design built right into our body.

It all comes down to understanding the space/time continuum. Simply, as we go through time, we decrease in our internal space – we get shorter and wider as we age – we compress. The constant force of gravity is relentless at pulling down on the body. We don’t even recognize this force and how it acts on the cells because it is always present. But, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and the full conscious exhalation is gravity’s counter-force.

The diaphragm muscle is situated in the core of the body, acting as the ceiling to the abdominal organs and the floor to the heart and lungs. When we inhale, the muscle moves down in the core and the belly extends, when we exhale, the muscle moves up and the belly squeezes small. This is the action that is necessary to strengthen and make a habit if we want to get the amazing benefits of this natural design to counter the force of aging.

Most people haven’t paid attention to this muscle and proper breathing (most of us weren’t taught), and the reality is we have let gravity win. We accept aging as a normal fact of life. Pain, aging and disease are realities we face and deal with as the need arises. However, there is an approach that will turn back the hands of time and take your tissue in the opposite direction of compression.

Compression from gravity, combined with unconscious posture and breathing results in the fascia – the body’s connective tissue – creating false walls and false floors. Basically, as we start to collapse and pull away from proper alignment, the body builds foundations to create stability. Unfortunately, these forced foundations are dense and act as a barricade to blood and oxygen flow. This is the ultimate reason we age.

The compressed, dense tissue grips and seals to bone with a force of 2000 pounds/square inch. Again, this is to create stability so the body doesn’t tip over. If the grip is on the head/face, the skin, eyes, brain, hair follicles…won’t receive proper amounts of flow and we age. If the grips are on the ribcage, the heart and lungs suffer, the breasts sag and the upper body is pulled forward resulting in a slumped looking posture and protruding belly. If the grips are on the thighs, cellulite, varicose veins, arthritis in the knees and pain in the joints may appear.

It doesn’t have to be this way. And even better, if it already is, you can start to reverse this path today and make your tomorrow a little younger. Block Therapy takes your tissue in the opposite direction to how you have aged by putting the space back into the tissue that time has taken away. It decompresses!

Block Therapy has three parts to accomplish this task:

  • Doing Block Therapy directly affects the area that is being worked by releasing the fascia that has sealed – all the way to the bone.
  • Instruction of proper diaphragmatic breathing inflates the tissue to create lightness in the cells.
  • Strengthening proper foundations in the body maintains the internal space so gravity has little impact on how tissue ages.

It is real – Decompression is the real anti-aging solution and Block Therapy accomplishes this in a simple, safe and efficient system.

If you want to learn more about this and hear from others who have found this practice, join our private Facebook group – Block Therapy Members and be a part of the conversation today.

Breathe & believe


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