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Aging is a natural, gradual process of the human condition, yet many fight to prevent the ravages of time. Advertising can make you feel insignificant if you are older, have wrinkles or can’t perform like you once did in your younger years. What would it feel like to know that you have far more control over aging than you think?

Sometimes it just takes a little understanding to know that you do have control, to prevent and even reverse what has happened to your body over the years. Fascia decompression is the key. 

There is a space/time continuum. As we go through time, or age, we decrease in our internal space. Typically, we get shorter and wider. A visual that is easy to understand is a balloon. If fully blown up, it is round, buoyant, smooth and almost defies gravity. Let half of the air out and it becomes heavy, wrinkled, attracts dirt in the creases and falls to the ground. What has changed? The amount of internal space.

As far as aging goes, gravity is the continual force that acts on our body. We don’t feel it as it is a constant, however we see what it can do to the body as time moves on. The sagging breasts, the wrinkles, the redistribution of tissue, the change in our physical abilities . . . these are all driven by this downward pull, combined with unconscious posture and incorrect breathing.

So here is the great news – the unconscious posture and incorrect breathing are major drivers of the aging process, and you do have control over this. In fact, even if you have seen the effects of time in your tissue, it can be taken out by putting the space back!

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, if gravity is a constant force pulling us down, there must be a balance to this -- and there is. It is the full conscious exhalation. When you inhale, the diaphragm, the plate of muscle in the core of the body, moves down. When you exhale, it lifts. If every breath is performed consciously and fully, we don’t have to surrender to gravity’s pull. The key is to ensure this muscle is free to function fully and completely, as it not only balances gravity, but also if absorption is optimal, the oxygen in the cells remains abundant to keep them filled.

So, if you are reading this and have already seen what time has done to your body, there is more that can be done to even reverse the aging process. It is by putting the space back. This is a very real and accessible process that is the essence of fascia decompression. 

Fascia is the tissue that connects every cell. Like a building that has units of space, the walls, floors and ceilings are the building’s fascia. When intact, they keep the space available for life to happen. I live in a high rise that has floor to ceiling windows. If a window breaks, everything inside will be affected. If there is an earthquake and the foundation weakens, the building may tip, causing everything in the spaces within to shift. This is the same as what happens to a body if our walls, floors and ceilings aren’t maintained.


So, if you are reading this and have already seen what time has done to your body, there is more that can be done to even reverse the aging process. 

Deanna Hansen - Founder

As fascia is here to support you, once off balance, the fascia develops adhesions to create stability. These adhesions are the drivers of aging as they block blood and oxygen flow to cells, as well as they create asymmetries and density in the body that gravity can manipulate. If we maintain optimal space within, gravity has little effect on how we age, if the space becomes depleted, it ravages you. Melting through the adhesions is what needs to happen so you can send oxygen to cells previously blocked, as well, regain a balanced foundation to support the space that naturally exists between the cells, and the process is simple.

With Block Therapy, we address this by combining the heating effects of pressure over time, with conscious diaphragmatic breathing which is like turning on the body’s furnace. A body out of balance is colder than when aligned. This slows the flow and creates the dense body that gravity loves to manipulate. A body that is properly heated from head to toe, from core to surface, has optimal space and flow so gravity’s impact becomes minute in comparison.

If you are looking at a face that has aged, you can see how the imbalance of the head on the shoulders drives tissue to hang to one side, resulting in adhesions that grip onto the skull and face to stop the cells from migrating away from their rightful position. This causes wrinkles as fascia builds false walls and floors for stability, it traps toxins and debris, and it deflates the cells, so they lack plumpness. If you are looking at skin cells, you can see aging, if talking about the brain, the eyes, the ears . . ., you will observe changes in function.

This is what we can change by understanding how to melt the adhesions, inflate tissue previously blocked, and realign the cells. Time can be taken out by putting the space back. It doesn’t matter when you begin, this process will take your tissue in the opposite direction to what time has created.

Start now, there is no time like the present to take time out!

Breathe & Believe

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