How Does Block Therapy Benefit Scar Tissue

In healthy tissue, there is a balance of collagen and elastin to give both structure and flexibility. Scar tissue on the other hand is made of only collagen. When there is an injury or surgery, the scar tissue forms to knit together the gap. The challenge is that this area, big or small as it may be, doesn’t have the elastin component. This means the scar doesn’t have the ability to stretch like regular tissue. This will limit movement and also will become a barricade to blood and oxygen flow.

Another issue with scar tissue is that it is denser than healthy tissue. There is little to no space to receive blood and oxygen flow. Also, the density creates a grip for gravity to control and manipulate. The combination of the downward pull of gravity combined with the asymmetrical movements of our bodies from being dominant on one side attracts more collagen to the scar. It is like a magnet. As the scar continues to grow and get pulled from it’s original place over time from these forces, it grips to bone and other structures in the attempt to create stability.

In my early twenties I had a breast reduction. I was also a runner at this time. Over the years, the scar tissue began to adhere to my ribcage. This created a gluing of my ribs, which affected my ability to breathe those deep breaths required with exercise. Unaware of fascia at this time, I began using my inhaler before a run to ensure I could get those deep breaths required. I didn’t understand the consequences to my health long term from this Band-Aid solution.

Once I began the journey of working on my own tissue, I learned I could release the scars from the bone and add life to the once dense scar. I was able to free my ribs and add space for blood and oxygen flow to rejuvenate the tissue. Now I am happy to share that my scars are hardly visible and they present no issue to the flexibility of my ribs and freedom to breathe deeply.

Here are comments from our Facebook group – Block Therapy Members:

  • My students have mentioned episiotomy scars completely disappearing!
    Lea, Montreal Block Therapy
  • I contracted Hepatitis A at a daycare center when I was 6, quarantined in the hospital for several weeks. I have always felt a tight spot on my liver when I’m on the back position. It felt like scar tissue, like that part of my liver was stuck to my diaphragm or something. The last time I got on the back position I realized that area is now SOFT and FREE!
    Rachael, Rachael’s Wellness
  • I had abdominal surgery, leaving extensive scar tissue with some lumpiness and one weird looking belly button! I work on my arms and chest two times a week and do the core class weekly as well. My belly scar is hardly noticeable anymore and my belly button is now looking nearly normal. All since loving my block on a daily basis. I am also starting to get my waist back”.

If you are having issues from scarring from injury or surgery, Block Therapy is a simple solution that is highly effective and efficient. To learn more about Block Therapy, go to to download your free posture gift and to guide you to more information of this safe and simple process.

Breathe & Believe.


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