How Block Therapy Benefits Stress

Stress is a state of being that affects the entire body. In a nutshell, pain, fear and stress cause us to re-actively hold the breath. If stress is momentary, there is benefit to this as it affects the adrenal glands, which produce hormones necessary to help you respond in a moment of danger. However, if stress is chronic, it will dramatically affect your health.

Oxygen is the most important nutrient for cells. When stress is chronic, we go into a freeze response with the diaphragm. The body will still pull in oxygen but with the secondary muscles of the upper chest. This allows us to continue living – but surviving, not thriving. Upper chest breathing greatly diminishes the amount of oxygen absorbed into the body resulting in pain, aging and disease.

Whether stress is emotional, mental or physical, the body suffers. Gravity is a continual force pulling the body down toward the earth; the full conscious breath – specifically the exhalation, is the counter force to gravity. When the breath is compromised from stress, this pumping action in the core of the body weakens and the weight of the ribcage compresses the upper body into the core.

Imagine if you had a cardboard box full of plastic balls. If you sat on the box, the position of the balls would be displaced and the shape of the box would be distorted. This is what happens to the organs in the core when the weight of the ribcage collapses from a weakened diaphragm – displacement of the organs within, and compression and ballooning of the tissue. This is why we get a bigger belly as we age.

This now congested area is under even greater pressure and blood and oxygen flow is diminished…causing more stress to your system. In fact, your entire body is affected with this negative alignment. A lack of flow to cells causes pain, affects their ability to function and the area becomes congested and acidic – ripe for disease. This adds more stress to the system, which will continue to impact your health negatively.

The solution to the negative effects of stress is to get back to proper diaphragmatic breathing so as to keep your cells fed and clean. The challenge you face is that once in this compressed state, the fascia – the tissue connecting every cell, seals to itself and bone with a force up to 2000 pounds per square inch. This is the internal pressure holding your body in a negative alignment. Fortunately, the seal is magnetic and can be released with Block Therapy.

The reason Block Therapy is effective at getting to the root of the problem is because of the tool – the Block Buddy, which is made from bamboo or elm. Bone and wood share a similar density. The action of lying on the block and moving through the layers of fascia as instructed, melts the adhesions, which not only block blood and oxygen flow, but also grip to bone sealing the body out of alignment. This results in a release of the tissue and a migration of cells back to proper alignment. When the body is properly aligned, there is optimal space for cells to be fed and clean. These are healthy cells that do their job without complaining.

Block Therapy is a therapy, exercise and meditation in one. The meditative qualities are incredibly beneficial at reducing and controlling stress, as well as rejuvenating and healing the body. If you would like to hear what others have to say, join the conversation in our private Facebook Group – Block Therapy Members.

The negative effects of stress add up in the body and are a major reason people aren’t living life to the fullest. Give yourself and your cells a gift and restore your posture and breath so to manage life’s challenges and feel great every day.

Breathe & Believe

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