Teacher Feature – Edna Guzman

This month we are featuring our amazing teacher, Edna Guzmán! She’s the first Block Therapy Instructor to get certificated in Puerto Rico and Latin America. We are so proud and privileged to have Edna on our team.

I started working with Edna last February – she joined my Scoliosis program. Within 2 weeks her menopausal symptoms were gone and she signed up for the teacher program. A year later, she shares that she doesn’t have scoliosis anymore.

Edna's Scoliosis Progress

Edna is an incredible teacher and businesswoman. Her attention to detail and willingness to go that extra mile is helping me to improve Block Therapy. Not only is she getting the word out with classes filled; adding her own combination of modalities to the practice, she is translating the Block Therapy University program into Spanish. This is an incredible gift to me. It’s more than the words that need to be translated but also the connection to community needs to be constant.

I just had a full body massage (deep tissue) and the therapist was amazed on how “loose” my skin and muscle where – as she said “completely detached, free of restrictions”.

Edna Guzman

Edna is a force and there is no one better to take on this role. For me, she is making the world smaller and more accessible.

Thank you Edna for your incredible talents, gifts, wisdom and openness to share. You are a blessing! To reach out to Edna, you can view her Block Therapy page in English or her Facebook page en Español.


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