Grounding, or Earthing as it’s also called, refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons that transfer energy from the earth to the body. Walking barefoot is a practice that many do to make this connection. However, if your feet aren’t properly aligned, the connection itself will be minimal compared to the energy transfer you will experience if you have all 26 bones in the feet planting correctly.

Fascia is amazing, it is here to support and protect your cells. However, you also need to support and protect your fascia so it can do its job to the fullest. Unfortunately, many haven’t paid attention to this system and what it needs to thrive. The result is that the cells have migrated away from their correct alignment, leaving the body in general feeling disconnected and lost.

The diaphragm is the body’s furnace. When it is working to full capacity, all cells from head to toe receive what they require to do their jobs. There are a few things to consider to ensure the diaphragm is working, and these are the principle pillars of Block Therapy:

Creating Space – melting adhesions that have bound and pulled cells from their proper alignment.

Inflating Space – pumping oxygen into newly created spaces from the practice of proper diaphragmatic breathing.

Maintaining Space – strengthening proper postural foundations to support correct cell alignment.

As most people haven’t been given the right information and action to keep all cells aligned, they have migrated away from their home from an unconscious collapse, driven by gravity. As the calves and feet are the furthest from the furnace (the diaphragm is in the center of the body), they have become the most frozen and bound. This causes a strangling and tension to the calves, and an adaptation of the bones in the feet to keep the body upright.

This results in the feet being twisted and cemented in a mass, frozen and unable to adapt to the surfaces they encounter. This dramatically reduces the transfer of energy into and out of the body, leaving you feeling disconnected and lost, as well as confused from the inability to dissipate negative energy.

Grounding is the focus of week 1 of my 90-day challenge. In order to align the cells and ensure proper connection to the earth, the adhesions that hold the cells away from their home need attention, so the cells can be guided back home. They have been lost for likely many years and they need a compass to navigate their return.

Blocking alone will not result in the cells arrival. It is from years of unconscious living that they have moved away, so not only do you need to connect with the block, you need to feed and heat them by turning up the furnace and guiding them back home through proper action. This means conscious walking, standing, and even sitting to name a few.

It is also important to bring the mind into the practice. In the blog titled Understanding the Healing Crisis, I talked about frequency. Fear has a slower frequency than love, and love equals the frequency of our DNA. Negative thinking about oneself or others will send that slow and sluggish frequency through the cells, shutting down the codons in the DNA. This shut down will create a collapse of the cell, allowing it to slip away from its rightful position. Shifting to a loving and positive mindset will energize the cells and give them the boost they require to stay engaged in their home so they can assist you in your life’s goals.

This may all sound overwhelming, but it is simple if you follow the map. Making continual progress day after day is the most efficient way to support your fascia, so it can best support you.

Each week we will be building from the week prior, leveraging the steps to ensure an ideal and efficient process so as to not overlook any cell that has been cut-off. Each and every cell needs your attention and starting from the foundation is the most coherent approach to establish success.

Next week you will learn about Leverage and how introducing this concept into your mind and body will give you the power to create new possibilities.

Breathe & Believe

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  1. Lovely article. One of my mentors calls LOVE the “Universal Solvent”, and I appreciate how you brought in this Mindset perspective to support our cells in finding their way back home.

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