Why Deanna Left Facebook

On Monday, November 22nd, I moved myself out of my private Facebook Community group. Being involved in this group has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It is a place of connection, laughter, sharing, tears, and above all, for me, a place of warmth and comfort. To let go of something so beautiful has been a battle. Knowing my time was being pulled in other directions, I finally let go to be able to grow and evolve.

I have to say, the first morning I woke up I felt relief. Every day, upon waking, my first thought would be that I had to check the group. It didn’t matter if it was the weekend or a holiday, that was always on my mind. Passing the torch to some of my incredible instructors and therapists, all I felt was gratitude and joy. My mind was now relieved so I could focus on the next task at hand.

I immediately had the urge to write again. I go through phases where I am creative and enjoy the process, but sometimes it becomes a chore, and I don’t feel the flow in the same way. I get immense pleasure when I am feeling creative, so to have that happen immediately was a sign that I made the right decision.

It’s such a blessing when you connect to the sensation of what is right in your body, rather than only following the logical approach. Of course, it’s best when there is a balanced knowing, but sometimes you just have to take the leap and see how you feel. I am thrilled that my inspiration to share through words has been once again ignited.

This is one of my favourite outcomes of diving into the body. The connection to hear what your cells are saying becomes louder. Often there is so much congestion, toxins and debris encroaching on the space in and around the cells, it makes it hard to always know what they need. Diving deep into the body and creating space for the cells to be heard is one of the many benefits of fascia decompression.

I look forward to tapping in again and providing articles and information on many topics. I will share my view on fascia and how it relates to a myriad of conditions, to continue to educate the benefits of creating space in the body, oxygenating the cells and supporting your system with proper postural foundation. 

It feels like so many things have come full circle once again. I have always known that each step of my journey would involve developing something that eventually would get passed off to others. I feel so blessed to have so many incredible people that have learned this system and who can take over, so I can move to the next frontier. 

I also love that once I let go, I am open to whatever changes will serve you best. With others taking control of the Facebook Community, new energies and ideas from them will be implemented and I have no doubt that this will be a breath of fresh air for everyone.

For me, I have full faith in what I am here to do. I may not know how or when things will come to pass until the time feels right. What I do know for certain is that I have been blessed with something to share. 

At one of our Live Teacher Intensives, after the 3 day workshop I was gifted a beautiful picture from my students. This hangs in my kitchen, so I have the pleasure of reminding myself every single day that I am on the right path, which is simply by being present to those who want this information. I am so beyond appreciative and grateful of my community and the love that is so freely shared. I will continue to create, and now that I have freed up some time, it will, at least for now, be in the form of writing.

If you are feeling stuck, in pain, frustrated and have lost hope in any way, try a persuasive approach to feed, heal and energize your body. That is what Block Therapy does; healing, exercise and meditation all built into a system that you do lying down, even on a bed. It’s okay to be comfortable and restful while you make changes. See for yourself and join our private Facebook community to see what others have to say.

Breathe & Believe

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Breathe & Believe

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  1. Thank you Deanna for all your support and guidance to me as I continue to journey in this new way of self care for my body. I’m so thankful for you and this program. I’m happy to see that you are also taking steps for your own self care as your business thrives and you continue to provide us all with more wonderful programs and training!

  2. A million thanks Deanna; you are amazing!
    Your caring, simplicity, confidence, and encouragement is above and beyond.
    You have helped me tremendously; I appreciate your advise and follow your instruction and received relief.
    the saying goes “you have to take care of yourself in order to be able take care of your loved ones and others”
    Very often, it is hard to do as we tend to jump right in to help others.
    I wish you a great holiday season!

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