A Spring in Your Step

There is nothing like the feeling of being light on your feet. To be able to spring into action gives you the sense of momentum and progress, and this goes a long way in helping to manage anxiety and depression, and to bring joy to life.

When you feel stuck, there is stagnancy and congestion. This creates an environment that is sluggish and can give you the sense that you are moving through molasses.  Anxiety can result as the freedom to move your limbs, your ideas and goals . . . are restricted. To feel joy in life, we need to continue to evolve, learn and grow as that is the very nature of our existence.

From a postural perspective, it is the knees that are the levers of the body. To understand their role in movement is key to being able to move forward in life with grace and ease. Proper alignment occurs when the knees are situated over the toes, and slightly bent. This ensures that the muscles of the legs are supporting you. Compare this to how most people stand; hyper-extending their knees which cause a twisting of the joints, a wearing of the cartilage and confusion to the alignment of the lower body. 

With the unconscious person, their knees are literally moving toward the back of the body, instead of in front of the body as would be in correct alignment. This posture is holding you back from your greatest potential, like you are always having to swim against the current. What is also important to note is that this alignment will pull the upper body forward, compressing the core and restricting your conscious diaphragmatic breath. This has a direct impact on the frequency of the brain.

In Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, he shares that breathing diaphragmatically keeps the brain waves in a relaxed state, whereas breathing through the muscles of the upper chest creates a stressed frequency as your mind is stuck in thoughts of past and future. Energetically, standing with the knees hyperextended literally stresses the brain and locks you into fear mode.

It's amazing the strength of the habit to hyperextend the knees.  Responding to the force of fascia and how the calves and feet drive the body’s descent toward the ground, the levers slowly adapt in the effort to keep the body from tipping over, twisting, gripping and compensating. This corkscrewing action of collapse over time seals the fascia above and below the joint to adhere to bone with a magnetic force to create stability -- but at what cost.

Stability comes at the expense of mobility, which takes us back to the feeling of being stuck, stagnant and congested. Of course, we want to find a balance between the two, which takes us back to last week’s work in the 21 Day Pelvis, Legs & Feet program -- A Solid Stance. To understand how to properly align the feet and where to position them in relation to the rest of the body is the first step, then being able to align the knees to be able to spring into action is where grace and ease come in.


To understand how to properly align the feet and where to position them in relation to the rest of the body is the first step, then being able to align the knees to be able to spring into action is where grace and ease come in.

Deanna Hansen - Founder

Sometimes it can be hard to change, however, using the physical body and altering your posture is a very palpable way to transform. Body, mind and spirit travel together. It’s fascinating to experience the improvements in emotional stability, cognitive awareness and how you perceive life when focusing on the body and the breath. If you feel stuck and congested, check with your knees. Notice if they are locked in the past, in a hyper-extended prison that is holding you back. There is no time like the present to become present. This is all there is and once understood, you will never want to be trapped in a mindset that prevents you from living the best life you can live.

Breathe & Believe

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  1. Hi! Can Block Therapy heal drop foot? Also, can it straighten a bone? My knees don’t go over my feet properly because my Tibia is curved from the knee medialy to the ankle which is also why I supinate.

    I am loving Block Therapy it got rid of my back pain in a week. Thank you so much.

    Lila Henry

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