Creating A Whole New You

When you begin to dive into the fascia, the first thing you will likely encounter is disruption. This is the point -- to release the patterns that you have fallen into and create a body with space and intention. This comes with the release of pain and fear, and this will be felt as it surfaces.

For some this can be a scary moment, especially the first time it happens. When you have been locked in a dark room for years, to suddenly see the sun can be painful to the eyes. This is what it is like for the cells that are receiving the connection to your life force after a long time in hibernation. It can take a moment to regroup and assimilate into being awake and active.

As fascia is the glue to everything within, it holds not only pain, but emotion and memory. Your body is the house for your soul and when it is contracted and frozen, you don’t have direct access to your higher self. You become limited in your ability to see your highest expression as you live within the diminished space created from the breath being strangled. As you dive into your fascia with the intention of creating space, the old paradigm releases so you can move forward on a journey of self-discovery.

This may not be for everyone. It takes dedication and effort to want to move beyond your limitations but for those who choose it, the rewards are continual. The most important piece to this is community -- healing happens as a group. When you have fears and blocks to your deeper desires, hearing others that have moved through the darkness gives you the anchor you need to feel safe and supported.

The biggest blessing for me has been the community support. The encouragement, the stories, the wins and even sharing the losses makes you feel connected in a way that allows you to hold it all together. As you are undoing the pattern that you fell into, sometimes the scattering of energy and emotion can feel overwhelming, and you simply need to know that you are on the right path and that you are not alone. 

As we move forward on this journey together, I continue to be amazed at the changes I know are yet to come. When I look at the future, I see a world that is full of fascia conscious souls who are here to build a better life for themselves, their families, animals and the planet. We all need to work together to make this life the best it can be, and to create a healthy future for those to come. 

The best part is it all starts with you. Choosing to become your best version, to release the mindset that no longer serves you, to allow yourself to become disrupted and to choose a new alignment is all it takes to move forward with continual hope and expression of your deeper truths and wisdom. It is all within you, you simply need to connect to the cells that have been in hibernation and bring light and love to them. The rest will fall into place.

If you are interested in taking the first step to creating disruption, join our community group so you can feel the love and support of those that have already begun. We would all love to see you there!

Breathe & Believe,


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