The Furnace

Buildings are equipped with heating systems. The furnace ensures that no matter the external temperature, if the floors and walls are intact and have integrity, the temperature within can be controlled to a range that allows for optimal flow.

Similarly in the body, the most important aspect of health is the diaphragms’ ability to function optimally. There are many reasons for this, but the 3 most crucial aspects are that:

  1. Breathing diagrammatically is the body’s furnace. If posture collapses, this muscle is compromised and the secondary muscles for breathing, the muscles of the upper chest, take over. This is like putting a space heater in one room of a high-rise.

  2. In order to take the air to its proper designation – the base of the lungs – the diaphragmatic breath is crucial. This allows for optimal oxygen absorption. To be discussed further.

  3. In order to move waste effectively out of the lungs (84% of weight loss comes from proper exhalation, and the body’s ability to detox efficiently), the diaphragmatic breath is crucial. To be discussed further.

So now we understand that to have fluids moving through the body with ease, all areas need to have an optimal range of temperature. 

When water freezes, it takes on certain patterns and formations. The landscape and the rate at which it freezes play a role in the patterns you see.

Let’s look at some examples of ice and its appearance. Similarly, when fascia freezes, the patterns and formations mimic what we see in ice. Let’s look at a few examples.

Notice the similarity of the patterns that result when water and fascia freeze.

These are examples of scarring on the surface of the body, resulting in temperature gradients. How does this translate to how adhesions develop between the layers of fascia as we descend to the earth under the constant force of gravity?

Unlike a sudden impact, the impact of gravity is continual and relentless. This doesn’t mean we don’t have some control over how gravity affects us, but it is a continual downward force that is in large part responsible for how we age. With fascia compression, the internal space is diminished, eventually creating adhesions and blocking flow of all fluid and energy in the body.

Fascia compression is like a scar created in slow motion. As we begin to tip off balance, inflammation results to send nutrients to rebuild the weakened cell membranes. If posture isn’t adjusted to correct the reason for this, then inflammation continues, eventually resulting in stagnancy. Like a burn where the fascia is heated rapidly and then cools, leaving a scar, inflammation initially sent to repair creates a heating, but if left to continue, becomes stagnant and eventually freezes. The weakened cell membranes lose their structure, causing the fascia to develop adhesions to stop the body from tipping over. 

This slow cool causes adhesions to develop through the layers of fascia, not only on the surface. As the descent of the body continues, the dense tissue grips to bone and other dense areas to create stability. 

The result, scarring within and through the layers, instead of on the surface.

Fascia decompression is all about addressing both the scars on the surface, as well as the adhesions within the layers.

If you would like to learn more about fascia decompression, try our Sampler Program to see what this work is all about. Click here to get the program for free. All you need is a rolled-up towel and a willingness to take your health into your hands.

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