The Space Between

One of my favourite songs is The Space Between by Dave Matthews. It hits a chord with me as the first pillar of Block Therapy is Creating Space. It is in the space where all the magic happens, in the body, in and around the cells, as well as in life in general.

Space gives us opportunity for time and flow to take its natural course. Like creating a piece of art, writing a book, building a house . . . if we are rushed, the job can’t be done according to plan. Sacrifice is made in exchange for urgency, and inevitably, the outcome is rarely if ever to the level of excellence that was initially envisioned. 

Having said that, I learned a long time ago that if you wait to begin something until all your ducks line up in a row, then you may never even start a project. Rarely can we foresee the future to know that everything will be perfect, and even if it appears to be, life always has a way of throwing you curveballs.

This is where space is so important. If you can simply start and allow the natural flow of energy to guide and direct you, then you can navigate the moments and change course as needed in order to allow the unfolding of the genius within to be realized in whatever endeavour you take. Often, the outcome is even better than imagined, as the space allows the layers of creativity to flourish.

In the body, it is in the space where we hear the deeper meaning of our life. In Greg Braden’s book, The God Code, he shares that on the surface layer of every cell is the message -- God Lies Within. He goes into detail to explain this, and you can’t help but be amazed at the potential we as humans have to create a beautiful world. We all have gifts to share, but we need the space within to access this beautiful opportunity.

Therefore, understanding how to support proper postural alignment is so important. It is through observing and strengthening correct foundations in the body, as well as conscious breathing, that you support cell alignment. If you allow gravity and unconscious living to guide your actions, compression results causing the cells to migrate away from their natural resting place. This takes the space in and around the cells away. 

Imagine being in an elevator where you are the only person inside, compared to a crowed elevator where you are squished between people, with perfumes and body odor invading your senses and being bombarded with loud chatter from those around you. In the latter example, you would be thrilled when the doors open, and you can take back your space. You may even feel panicky and obtain a stressed breath as you await the moment when you can take a deep, cleansing breath. In this condition, it would be hard to allow your fullest creative insights to flourish.

This is how your cells feel inside when you live unconsciously. Under the constant force of gravity, if living without conscious posture and breath, the cells’ needs are ignored.  There is less surface area to allow ease of absorption of nutrients, as well as ease of toxin/waste removal. This creates congestion and stress for the cell, causing it to go into survival mode, rather than being a full expression of the potential that you have to allow your body to thrive.

As the cell membranes become blocked, dirty, exhausted and dehydrated, they simply don’t have the energy to share with you their message. That creative expression that we are all born with becomes buried under the weight of compressed tissue. Adhesions develop between the layers of the cells to keep the body upright as the cells migrate further from their home, adding insult to injury as they block the flow of nutrients and energy, creating a stagnancy and congestion.

However, there is great news! 

You can put the space back that time has taken away by understanding how to decompress your fascia. Simple in its application and profound in its effect, you can pull your cells back to their natural resting place and to resume the flow within. Your body wants to be aligned and healthy, so if you give yourself the space to begin this journey, your body responds with gratitude. You can literally take the time out of the tissue through fascia decompression.

If this is something that interests you, click here to receive a free gift so you can experience for yourself the healing benefits of fascia decompression and connect to the intelligence that exists in every one of your trillions of cells.

Breathe & Believe,


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