Connecting the Dots Between Fascia & Concussion Recovery | The Fascia Masters, Season 2 – Episode 15

Are you one of the millions of people in North America that suffer from concussions annually? We recently completed a concussion protocol with members of our community and are excited to share the results. With a focus on fascia and posture, lets unveil the role of these elements in the recovery process. 

What exactly is a concussion? It's really no different from any other injury - a concussion occurs when a force or blow to the head results in inflammation and damage. Our protocol, however, goes beyond conventional approaches by considering the role of fascia and posture in the recovery process. It is important to work through the ribcage, focusing on diaphragmatic breathing to remove debris and create space for healing. Neglecting the ribcage could lead to stagnancy and inflammation in the head, hindering efficient healing. The eyes are also a critical element of healing. Exploring the impact of eye alignment on overall body posture and healing, our protocol incorporates specific exercises targeting the eyes. This revelation marks a crucial evolution in the understanding of concussions.

We are so excited about the results from our protocol. Our participants experienced improvements in vision, calmness, and sleep quality. The protocol, spanning three weeks with sessions twice a week, aimed to address not only the head and eyes but the entire body. The unexpected discovery of hair health influencing the clarity of one participant adds an extra layer of intrigue.

Regardless of when the injury occurred, the healing process can start now. By connecting to proper diaphragmatic breathing and enhancing energy and fluid flow, we can initiate positive changes, regardless of age or when the concussion occurred.

For those of you struggling with the long-term effects of a concussion - there is hope. We encourage you to explore the possibilities of healing through a holistic approach, and we look forward to sharing more results in the future!

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