Strategies for Accelerated Concussion Recovery | The Fascia Masters, Season 2 – Episode 20

We are thrilled to share the remarkable results of our concussion protocol. This protocol, spanning 21 days, has yielded unprecedented improvements in 11 key categories for all participants. Whether you or someone you know is grappling with the aftermath of a concussion, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we discuss the data, share insights, and celebrate the success of this new program.

The participants, all women of varying ages, embarked on a 21 day journey to address post-concussion symptoms. The protocol involved a blend of Block Therapy, eye exercises, and a focus on foundational elements. 

The participants were surveyed on 11 symptom categories, ranging from headaches to sleep issues. The improvement scale was impressive, with half of the participants experiencing at least a 25% enhancement across all categories. A third witnessed a 50% reduction in specific symptoms, and a quarter observed a significant decrease in others.

Among the standout results was a substantial improvement in sleep issues. Nearly half of the participants experienced a 50% enhancement in sleep quality. Quality sleep is so important for the body's healing response, so this will only help the participants moving forward.

Anyone intrigued by the transformative potential of Block Therapy and fascinated by the concussion protocol's results is encouraged to explore the Block Therapy Starter Program. The data speaks volumes, affirming the power of holistic approaches to healing and the profound impact of fascia decompression on a diverse set of symptoms. Join the movement towards optimal well-being with Block Therapy and witness firsthand the transformative journey towards a healthier, more aligned life. We are eager to share more data and insights as our community continues to grow.

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