Manage Your Cellulite with Fascia Decompression


Cellulite is a frustrating problem. It can afflict you no matter your size, shape or fitness level. You can work hard at trying to rid yourself of it with little to no lasting results. The reason is that traditionally we approach the issue with the wrong perspective. Working with thousands of people around the globe, including my own experience, I have discovered cellulite is primarily a function of the alignment of the fascia system.

Let me explain.

To keep the fascia healthy, you need to understand how it responds when not given what it needs. Gravity and unconscious posture and breathing are some of the main culprits that can impact fascia. Like the building, if the foundations aren’t maintained, the structure tips off balance. There are postural foundations that you need to apply in order to keep the fascia aligned, and to maintain the space between the cells in order to keep the systems flowing. If not, things like cellulite can result.


Cellulite, from my perspective, is caused from our fascia gripping onto anything in the way to prevent us from falling further out of alignment. This includes bone and fat cells. When we see the dimpling on the surface of the skin, this is a combination of the fascia gripping onto bone in a spiral fashion, as well as our fat cells being under pressure.

In this mini-series, you will learn our perspective on cellulite. In addition we share introductory fascia decompression classes and practical exercises that you can do right away, from the comfort of your home. We are not claiming you will reduce your cellulite in this short program, however you will have a much better understanding of fascia decompression and how this can help manage your cellulite and prevent it from recurring.

2 rounds of 21 days. No change in exercise or diet.

Watch our introduction video below.


Cellulite can happen anywhere, but often shows up on the legs. In this first class we will address the outer thighs called the IT band (iliotibial band.

When you tip off balance, due to unconscious posture, the fascia must adapt to support you from falling. Like a spider spinning its web, it reaches out to grip onto nearby structures to create stability. In the legs, it grips to bone or anything in the way, and as energy moves in waves and spirals, it creates the dimples that you see on the surface that we call cellulite. Not only does this impact the appearance of tissue, but the grips also act as roadblocks to flow for cells on the other side affecting the entire health of the leg.

This class will help to release the grips on this thick band of fascia to help realign your legs and take pressure off your cells. 


In this class we will be focusing on the glutes. Many of us experience cellulite in this area from our pelvis being out of alignment, which is ultimately caused from our base foundation.

The reality is that compression from a collapsing posture, as well as from aging, causes ballooning.

There is an optimal amount of space inside the body. This allows for flow of nutrients to cells, and the removal of waste from cells. When we compress, we lose space in one area causing ballooning in another. But to add to this, the areas of compression also become toxic from a lack of flow, adding more size to the cells.

Focusing on the glutes will release the fascial grips and adhesions to help bring balance to our pelvis. This will also take pressure off of our fat cells to reduce the appearance of cellulite. 


In this class we will be focusing on the calves and hamstrings. The calves are one of the most important areas in the body we need to address to correct our alignment.

Correct standing posture requires that 60% of our body weight be on our heels. The average person puts 80% on the balls of the feet - and this is before we put on shoes with a heel. The pressure and tension thus generated is enormous, and tissue migrates in an attempt to stabilize the body. This creates blockages in blood and energy flow and freezing of tissue onto bone.

Cellular migration is the migration of cells away from their rightful place under the influence of gravity, incorrect posture and unconscious breathing over time. In order to keep you from tipping over, fascia grips to bone; and it does this in a spiral fashion. This causes the appearance of cellulite, as well as pockets of fat caught in the displaced fascia. 

Those grips also block blood and oxygen flow to cells preventing proper feeding and cleaning of the tissue. Releasing the calves and hamstrings will help to realign your fascia all the way up the chain and improve the appearance of your tissue. 


If you knew that the way you stand and sit affects your appearance, you would likely pay more attention to your posture. Standing with your feet pointing outward and sitting without proper support causes the tissue in the legs to wind down over time, as does standing with the weight displaced to one side or the other.

You want to be properly rooted in the pelvis, legs and feet so everything up the chain is well supported. We are like a building; if the foundation is poor, there will be stress everywhere. Inefficient foundational support results in tissue compression that blocks blood and oxygen flow to cells, causing pain, aging and disease.

In this video we break down all the steps on how to stand properly. This is something you want to make an everyday practice and bring awareness to. 


The glutes are one of the most powerful postural muscles. For many of us, our glutes aren’t engaged which puts stress on other areas of our body including the low back, hips, knees and ankles.

In this video we share with you an exercise that will help strengthen your glutes and your lower body foundation to help strengthen and cement our fascia in its new alignment. 


A flood of differing approaches and opinions has overwhelmingly complicated the whole field of health consciousness. The solution lies in listening to your cells and understanding what they are telling you. This is the surest road to health, peace and beauty.

You will notice that I haven’t included anything about nutrition. The reason is that when you connect more deeply to your body and feel what foods benefit you more than others, you are guided to healthier practices. There are many different approaches and mindsets about healthy eating, but the only person who can tell you what your body really needs is you. Of course we can all benefit from a better understanding of nutrition, but listening to your body and learning from experience puts the power in your hands.

The issue with cellulite is correctable with these steps that you can start applying immediately from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Release the grips of fascia that have adhered to bone as well as strangled cells, including fat cells, to bring balance back to your cellular structure.
  2. Improve blood and oxygen flow to cells that have been previously blocked to rejuvenate tissue and improve its appearance.
  3. Re-build and strengthen proper postural foundations to support your new alignment. This will prevent cellulite from recurring.

By applying this process, you can allow the fascia to relax and restore cell health. By bringing balance and symmetry into your body, there is no need for the fascia to adapt to gravity’s will. 

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