Increase your metabolism with Block Therapy


You can increase your metabolism with Block Therapy

As we get older we often find it more challenging to control our size, especially in the mid region. We find that with the passing of years, our metabolism slows down, and for some it seems to come to a halt.

Why does this happen?

Gravity is a constant force that is continually compressing our tissue. Over time we lose inner space, and our tissue bulges outwards. This compressed tissue creates blocks to blood flow so cells are left starving. They shut down, meaning the body’s requirement for energy decreases. This equates to a slowing of the metabolism and can also contribute to Fatty Liver Disease.

Increase your metabolism with Block Therapy

When we practice Block Therapy, we are melting through that compressed tissue, allowing blood to reach cells previously blocked. Combined with diaphragmatic breathing to oxygenate these awakened cells, we have now increased the energy needs of the body, meaning you increase your metabolism.

No matter what tissue is being starved from compression, Block Therapy can melt the barricades in the body so we can improve that tissue’s function by feeding it with blood and energy flow. Remember, there is no dead tissue in a living body, only tissue in hibernation.

You can start Block Therapy today and increase your metabolism!

We are currently offering Block Therapy classes in Winnipeg only.

Space is limited.  To register click here or call 204-452-1175.

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