My Dream for 2014 – Deanna Hansen

Deanna Hansen Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy

I have always had big dreams for Fluid Isometrics and now I am going to share them with you.

It has been a challenge for me to convey the magnitude of this work and the influence it can have, because Fluid Isometrics is for everyone and, if applied and practiced, can improve any situation. This is a bold statement, I am aware, and one that I have been pulling back from so not to push away people from giving it a try. But this is the truth of this work so I will stop being scared to share with you what I believe and can see.

The hard part is that Fluid Isometrics wasn’t something I invented or set out on a path to accomplish, it was something that happened to me, fourteen years ago. The seed for this was planted in an anxiety attack and that moment has forever changed the course of my life – Thank God! I feel like a mother who has given birth to an exceptional child, yet I, being the mother am just an ordinary person. It can be terrifying taking care of something so great and powerful.

Having said this, my transformation since that moment has been remarkable. I did not develop Fluid Isometrics, rather Fluid Isometrics is shaping and transforming my body, mind and spirit. I began as an unhealthy, insecure, depressed, passionless lost soul. Now, I have a vision and purpose to help change the world and am putting plans and action in motion to accomplish this goal.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still strings of the old me cycling through my being; fears that I won’t fulfill the plan I feel was gifted to me to share, but those fears are melting as I move forward and continue to bring the right people into my life that share the vision of a better world. I also fear that people will judge Fluid Isometrics by who I am, which I understand, but that is like judging the parents for the outcome of the child. There are many successful children that didn’t have parents that did everything right.

So in 2014 it is my goal to bring Fluid Isometrics to the masses and to share as much insight and information as possible. I want people to understand the true healing potential everyone has within them and to awaken to the reality of what we need to do to be healthy and peaceful. So, I will boldly move forward, bringing to light what has helped me move from the person I was to the person I am, and continue to strive to be. My dream is no longer a dream but a goal which I will pursue with all the energy and resources at my disposal.

Fluid Isometrics came through me, but belongs to everyone. As the teacher, I look to you to help me improve so I can best deliver the message needed to transfer this incredible information. There is no more hoping that the time will be right in the future, the moment is in 2014!

Happy New Year

Breathe and Believe,
Deanna Hansen

P.S. I would be thrilled to have you join me on this adventure, you can do so by subscribing here

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