Reduce harsh cravings with Block Therapy

Reduce harsh cravings and body fat.
It’s as easy as breathing.

Many of us struggle with harsh cravings that can cause excess body fat. Where do these cravings come from? Some from imbalanced blood-sugar levels, stress, and in general, just falling into a downward spiral of unhealthy eating habits.

I am an 18 year old natural bodybuilder that has been training seriously for 3 years. A stereotypical bodybuilder’s day consists of weight training, eating and sleeping, which in a sense is true. Some believe in stretching, some don’t. Yes, lots stretch as well, which is also important, however the new generation of block work was a total game changer for me.

reduce harsh cravingsI had constant harsh cravings

Constantly pushing weight I was always hungry for anything and everything. Don’t get me wrong, eating is a huge asset for bodybuilders as I mentioned before. But is it really as big as a factor as we all think or are we just not treating our body the way we should?

Block Therapy reduces harsh cravings

I have been doing Block Therapy for approximately 5 months now. My body went through changes that I couldn’t fully understand. One being appetite.

As we learn how to breathe diaphragmatically, we are feeding our cells approximately 600 percent more oxygen. Breathing from the upper chest is a huge restriction for inhaling our full potential. As all of us, we adapt to this type of breathing, which is starving our cells. After a few months of constantly using the block, I wasn’t eating nearly as much as I previously was. My cravings weren’t there anymore which was strange, yet my body fat reduced and my muscle mass remained the same. Oxygen is the most important essential nutrient that our body requires, however, we don’t realize this until we experience it.

Reduce harsh cravings with diaphragmatic breathing

Constantly getting into the habit of breathing diaphragmatically, you will soon start to notice your stress levels reduced, cravings will subside, which will lead to making better choices in the kitchen. We never knew reducing body fat could be as easy as breathing!

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Breathe & Believe

Quinn Castelane
Block Therapy Instructor in training
Fluid Isometrics

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