Body Building with Block Therapy

Body Building with Block Therapy

Hey there, my name is Quinn Castelane. I’m a Block Therapy instructor for Fluid Isometrics and an all natural physique competitor.

I actually have a competition coming up in five days on the weekend for MABBA, which is Manitoba Amateur Body Building Association – for Provincials. I just wanted to let everyone know a little bit of what I’ve been doing in my workouts for approximately the last nine months and how it has dramatically improved my physique and how I live today. This is my Block Buddy. I use this every single day. I build it into my routine. I use it before I go to the gym and after I go to the gym.

So I’m just going to show you guys a few examples of ‘how, where and why’ I place the block in certain positions. Leading up to a competition you want to be really cut and defined, so I like to place the block right on my shoulder, literally right on my deltoid. So when I place it here in between where the deltoid and the tricep meets, that’s going to get that really defined shoulder. If you lay on it for a certain amount of time, melting through the frozen fascia, you’re heating it up, you’re getting rid of the fat, you’re getting the fascia in the correct placement which creates a better overall physique.

I like doing it in that position even before and after I go to the gym. So right after I go to the gym, I’ll place the block right there. It speeds up the recovery ten times faster than anything else I’ve tried out there. It’s just working amazing for me. Especially with my core. I get quite a few compliments on that. I really don’t follow any strict diet.

A few places that I put the block on my core, which really really helps actually – mostly in the intercostals. A lot of people have commented and said that these have really been coming out lately and I literally just put the Block on where I want to work it. So if I want to work here, I’m getting closer to a competition, I want to get shredded a little faster, that’s where I’m going to put the block. If I want my upper abs to come out a little bit more, I’m going to put the block there and really focus on breathing, melting through that fascia so that I can get maximum muscle growth and definition.

So stay tuned. I am currently four days out and I’m looking forward to this. Hope you guys can all join me. Thank you.

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Body Building with Block Therapy

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  1. I saw you at provincials and you definitely stuck out. I was there to watch my daughter compete. I am very interested in block therapy for myself. I have a lot of overall pain and I know from past osteopath treatments I suffer from frozen fascia. My husband also suffers from frozen shoulder. I think this could be what we’ve been looking for. When and where are the classes? Where can I buy the block buddy?

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