Block Therapy Store

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Block Therapy Starter Package

This is the introductory program to Block Therapy. If you are new to this practice, this is the best place to begin!

Block Therapy Fore Golf

This program is designed for the golfer who wants to improve mobility, reduce pain and swing with ease. 

Specialized Programs


Assessments & Accountability

A Personal Assessment is available for purchase for those with the Starter Program as a minimum who would like further guidance and support from a certified Block Therapist to address specific issues and receive more personalized guidance and support.

Virtual Intensives

Virtual Intensives are recorded classes that have a specific focus. These classes range from 90 minutes to multiple hours depending on the class or series. You have lifelong access to these classes. 

Block Therapy University

Instructor Training Course

This Instructor Training Course prepares you to teach Block Therapy to your community in a class setting, or on a one-to-one basis. This can be both in person and virtually. Whether you are a fitness professional, a bodyworker or are looking for a new career, this program is designed specifically for you. There is no pre-requisite required to undergo the training, just a love of helping others improve their health and a desire to share this simple, safe and effective system that is gaining global credibility.

Bodyworker Training Course

The Bodyworker Training Course requires you to have a license to touch and is geared for the bodyworker already working with clients. Learning how to use the Blocks and your hands with the original Fluid Isometrics technique, you will bring a unique and highly effective fascia release technique in your practice. This brings incredible results to your clients, as well, teaches you how to use your body to support your own health and alignment. Take your clients to a whole new level of health and see your business transform!

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