Sciatic Pain Relief and Block Therapy

Sciatic pain relief with Block TherapyMany people are searching for Sciatic pain relief. Today, I’m going to explain the Sciatic nerve and how Block Therapy can benefit those suffering from Sciatic nerve pain.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body. The nerve signals originate in the lower back, travel down through the buttocks and run all the way to the feet, supplying the skin of the whole leg. If there is impingement along the way, anywhere, it can affect these sensations and pain and symptoms can result.

Commonly, the nerve becomes trapped or irritated in the low back and buttock. This is because we are not conscious of our posture. We age in a forward, rotational direction. We literally wind down over time. This winding will favor one side depending on what side of your body is dominant. Typically, we fall toward and into the less dominant side, causing a displacement and collapsing of tissue and a reduction of inner space. This forward compression magnetically seals tissue with a force of 2000 lbs/square inch sealing our posture in a negative alignment.

As we “fall in”, the back of the body lengthens and tightens as it works to keep us upright. This added pressure compresses the Sciatic nerve in certain places, which can cause referred pain. Nerves send sensations, and when there is constant pressure, they become irritated. If you are searching for sciatic pain relief, somewhere along the way there is added pressure, and it is letting you know.

Sciatic Pain Relief with Block Therapy

The solution lies in the “melting “ of the tissue that has compressed and become frozen, primarily in the front of the body. From continual tissue collapse over time, blood and energy can’t freely flow to and from the tissue and it cools down. Eventually, it can become cold enough that there is no mobility. In order to create a change, we need to add heat to the area. The positions you are guided through in my e-book A Solution to Chronic Back Pain is only a Block Away, address the cause sites that hold the posture incorrectly that create stress and tension in the back. With the Block Buddy, you are shown how to “melt” the frozen tissue and inflate the space with oxygen from proper breathing.

For Sciatic pain relief, not only do we want to melt and inflate the tissue, we need to correct posture to properly support our structure. Practicing rooting, everyday will help to make this a habit, and will remove stress from the back of the body. Week 4 of my 90-day program also guides you to learn proper lower body posture when standing and sitting.

The time it takes to correct a situation is dependent on many things, but no matter how long you have been suffering, realigning the body and breathing consciously will remove tension and irritation. Healthy habits are necessary for a healthy life. Please share any progress or concerns you may have so I can continue to create life-changing solutions for you and your health.

Breathe & Believe

Deanna Hansen

Your Solution To Chronic Back Pain Is Only A Block Away

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