I Have Become A Student of Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield

I took the plunge and became a student of the Jack Canfield Coaching program. Jack Canfield co-authored “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and is helping countless people recognize their dream. I started this journey in September and am so incredibly grateful as I have identified many areas in my life that need attention. In a few short weeks, I have become stronger in my center, I can clearly see a path to fulfill my purpose and dreams, and my general outlook is positive and hopeful. I am feeling a greater sense of joy. Wow, what a gift I have given to myself!

When I was young, I loved to be the teacher’s pet. If I had somebody watching and keeping track of my promises, I did them without thought or issue. I haven’t had a coach or mentor for 28 years and now that I have become a student of Jack Canfield I see why my business goals have yet to be met.

Essentially, like Jack Canfield, I am also a coach. Teaching you to understand the body and make changes if you desire, is my main purpose in life.

The seed for Fluid Isometrics was planted in me when my life went haywire. I was extremely unhealthy in all aspects, depressed, anxious, paralyzed with fear, overweight and swollen….stuck! I hated myself. That is where this work originated. What I have come to understand and teach is 15 years of focus and dedication to applying Fluid isometrics to myself, and others. I don’t have opinions on many things as I only teach what I know from personal experience. What I do know with 100% certainty, is how I took myself from that lost, unhealthy place to where I am today, a woman who is ready to lead through example.

I am very excited about the year to come. Many changes are being made that will make it simpler to educate you on the benefits and value of Fluid Isometrics. We are bombarded with information that is often confusing and contradictory, so we need to find in ourselves the truth for what is right for us. Learning to connect into your tissue and your breath is a direct way to get to know yourself. From there, you listen and make personal decisions along the way, as your body leads you.

Now that I have found a coach in Jack Canfield and am seeing the benefits, I will always have one. Having someone to hold you accountable is invaluable to be able to reach your dreams. This journey for me has just begun and I am excited to share with you any insights I learn along the way.

To your health, healing and rejuvenation,

Breathe & Believe

 Deanna Hansen

Learn more about Jack Canfield here


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