On-line Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy Teacher Training

Block Therapy Teacher Training

In January of 2015 I will be launching my on-line Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy Teacher Training program. I am so excited to be at a point where I can reach people all over the world. We have had many inquiries from people about teaching from a distance and I have spent the last year putting together the course content to be able to give proper instruction through video and written material.

The introductory series of Block Therapy is divided into 3 sections: the core, pelvis and legs, and head, neck and arms. Each section has 18-20 Block Buddy placements, with specific sequencing to ensure the most benefit from this practice. In order to be an effective teacher, loving and doing Block Therapy are absolutely crucial. Only by living this work can we guide people through the physical, mental and emotional changes and releases that occur.

For people with a background in bodywork, whether a yoga/pilates instructor, a personal trainer, a therapist…, you can choose which coaching style suits you best. The basic program provides you with all the information and course material you need, with questions, via email, being answered regularly through video, which will be posted on the membership site. The direct coaching program gives a personal coach who will communicate via Skype, on a weekly basis, to guide and ensure your personal success, and who will be with you every step of the way.

For individuals who do not have a pre-requisite background in bodywork, the direct coaching program is the only option. An understanding of anatomy and physiology are necessary to deliver the information properly and the coaches will ensure you can speak intelligently on the subject to deliver the information accurately.

This is an incredible opportunity as Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy is new to the world, but is gaining respect and momentum. I have had many students tell me this is the missing link to their workouts and therapy.  I am a yogi and Block Therapy enhances my practice. One of my coaches, Quinn Castelane, is a body builder, and Block Therapy enhances his workouts, the other coach, Heather Whitla, is a runner and Block Therapy enhances her performance.

Whatever you do, Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy creates the most optimal environment for the body to properly oxygenate its’ cells. Becoming a Block Therapy Instructor will help you help others be the best they can be at what they do.

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