Meet Your New Saskatoon Block Therapy™ Instructor Jana Danielson

Congratulations to our newest Certified Block Therapy™ Instructor, Jana Danielson of Lead Pilates in Saskatoon, SK!

Jana’s goal with Block Therapy™ is to share the method with her team and their clients to empower and educate them while on their health and wellness journey.

As the owner of Lead Pilates, Cycle & Fitness and Lead Integrated Health Therapies in Saskatoon, SK, Canada, Jana Danielson has worked to create a unique business devoted to providing clients with the latest trends in health, fitness and therapies including: Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy. Jana is dedicated to an all around healthy lifestyle and shares this passion with her team and clients. Jana went from teaching Pilates out of her basement studio to opening a studio in 2010, then just this past summer, expanding her Pilates studio to launch a unique organization that integrates multiple movement therapies under one roof.

Jana completed her Bachelor of Commerce and Masters in Business Administration Degrees at the University of Saskatchewan. Jana worked as a Business Consultant before making a career change into the wonderful world of Pilates. She was certified thorough the Pilates Core Integration Program in 2008 and since then has completed certifications through Physical Mind, is PMA Certified and in 2013 joined Balanced Body as a Faculty Member. She is also a CoreAlign Master Instructor.

As soon as you step foot in Jana’s class you will find yourself among friends. Her positivity is reflected through her practice and easily passed on to others. Jana’s goal is to help people enrich their lives as they gain or regain the quality of life she believes we all deserve.

Jana Danielson will be teaching Block Therapy™ classes at Lead Pilates in Saskatoon. Watch for details about upcoming classes by signing up for our newsletter and connecting with Lead Pilates via Social Media.

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