Transformation is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Although this word is used a lot in health and fitness, it perfectly describes what will happen to those who undertake the next 90-day challenge – the advanced version.

I have done two 90 day challenges in the past. 90 days is a long time to commit, and if the follow through is there, not only will there be a major transformation, but new and positive habits will be deeply ingrained. This is the real goal -- to create habits that become part of your everyday norm, so to continue with actions and behaviours that only serve to improve health and well-being.

This challenge will be by far, the most advanced and all-encompassing program. Each week will have an intention that corresponds to the area of the body being addressed. Not only will this cement a new alignment physically and mentally, but also energetically. When you make changes too many aspects of your life all at once, your energetic frequency increases. Let’s talk about this for a moment.

Frequency is the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave. In Greg Braden’s book, The Science of Compassion, I learned that the frequency of fear is slower than the frequency of love, and that the frequency of love equals the frequency of our DNA. Fear is a slower and heavier vibration. Love is a faster and lighter vibration. This is something we want to understand if we are to truly transform on all levels. You can make attempts to change your physical body with diet and exercise, but if you are beating yourself up with negative thinking, the frequency of that emotion will hold you back from attaining your highest goals. 

Similarly, if you change your thoughts but continue to treat your body with disrespect (often we do this without realizing it), then you will only make small gains. In order to truly undergo transformation, body, mind and spirit all need to increase in vibration. This is the objective of this 90-day challenge. The combination of intention setting each week, basic and advanced blocking, fascia decompression using your hands, postural foundation building, education to understand cause sites and pain sites, and behavioural change during daily actions, will unite to create an increase in your frequency. This means more of your codons in your DNA will be activated to connect you to all that is!

For thirteen weeks, on day 1 of each week I will be going live in our community to set the week’s intention, review the daily classes, explain the cause sites to pain and symptoms, and share some basic changes to implement to create healthy habits. Examples of this are taking your attention to how you chew when eating, how you sit at your computer, how you climb stairs, what you say to yourself in the mirror -- to name a few.

As a little sampling, here are the focus points for the first four weeks, just to get you excited:

Week 1 – Grounding

It is important to start with our foundation -- the Calves and Feet. Most of us don’t have a strong connection to the ground as fascia migration has warped the bones in the feet. Also, tension in the calves from the way the fascia rolls around the shin bones, blocks flow from the earth into the body, as well as blocks the body’s ability to dissipate negative energy efficiently. This week will create a new and stronger connection to the ground to allow you to feel more centered.

Week 2 – Leverage

Those that get far in life understand the concept of leverage. Using something to its maximum advantage allows quantum leaps to take place, whether in health, finances, business, or anything you want to see improve and grow. The knees are the levers of the body, yet most have lost the connection from unconsciously hyper-extending them. This week will teach you to release the unconscious patterns and build a new awareness of control and action to make everything from this point forward more accessible.

Week 3 – Stability

Anything that is built with an unstable foundation will eventually tip over and crash -- your body included. Bringing the hips into alignment and supporting proper range of motion will secure that feeling of safety within. Creating space for the organs of reproduction and elimination to function optimally will allow an ease of flow to make life in general simpler, giving you more energy to focus on creative endeavours.

Week 4 – Balance

Most people are tipping forward in their posture. This keeps us focused on the future, instead of being present. In order to have peace and calm within, you need to stay centered in the moment. Broadening the butt and low back allows your posture to sit back, bringing balance to your body and life. Everything travels together -- mind, body and spirit.

I am so excited to be diving into this thirteen-week program and challenge us all to transform. What is most exciting is that at the end of it all, new habits and behaviours will naturally be adopted and continue to enlighten you as you move forward with your higher frequency.

Get ready, on April 1st, the transformation begins!

Breathe & Believe

Join our 90 Day Challenge to experience your own transformation!

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