Expansion is defined as the action of becoming larger or more extensive. When it comes to the body, expanding the rib cage creates more room for the heart and lungs. This has unlimited benefits from every perspective of health and well-being.

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, most bodies have tipped forward and are off-balance. The ribcage collapses into the core, not only squishing the abdominal organs, but also forcing the heart and the lungs to migrate toward the back of the body. Many people have a rounded upper back, with a resultant ballooning belly. This posture will challenge the breath, stress the heart and slow the flow of all the systems that keep us alive.

Knowing this, it only makes sense to focus on supporting proper alignment so we can exist in our body to thrive, not merely survive. We don’t even know how great we can feel, as the collapse occurs continually. 

We are so adaptable that we hardly recognize when internal shifts occur to balance out the external forces . . . until pain or dysfunction results, or until the signs of aging become relevant.

Obviously, the heart is a topic of great concern. Not only is this a muscle designed to send blood and oxygen to each and every cell, it is also the individual’s center of love, compassion, forgiveness and empathy. When blocked from flow, feelings of jealousy, codependency, feeling withdrawn and closed down are common issues. This is the area where the physical and spiritual meet.

The lungs and the breath are also negatively affected when the ribcage collapses. Firstly, the diaphragm is the foundation of the ribs, so when collapse occurs, this muscle becomes blocked and can’t pull air in or move toxins out efficiently. 

The lungs being forced to the back of the body also creates problems. The build-up of waste in the lungs continues as the breath is compromised and the ribcage can’t function to move the toxins out. Weight gain is one of many challenges that arise from a weak exhalation, as is a toxic body ripe for disease.

For the 5th week of the 90 Day Challenge, expansion of the rib cage becomes the focus. Now that the foundation has been addressed in the past 4 weeks, we can work to increase the breadth of the ribcage to create the optimal amount of space we are given at birth, and to reposition the heart, lungs and everything inside this container so we can thrive and create the magic we were born to share. The rib cage also supports breast tissue. For the women, have you noticed that your breasts aren’t symmetrical, and for the men, that your pec muscles aren’t? When the ribcage falls into the core, it doesn’t collapse in a linear way. If you are right side dominant, likely you have collapsed more to the left as your body shifts and adjusts to keep the dominant side free for action.

 The rib cage itself will be asymmetrical, as will the breasts. By realigning the ribcage, all tissue being supported by this foundation adjusts and repositions, including the head, neck, shoulders and arms.

Symmetry and balance are always the goal. Initially it takes effort -- as does anything worthwhile. Over time, effort is still required but we move into the sphere of effortless effort, where the cells are magnetically suspended in their rightful position, driven by the lifeforce that runs through the body. This leaves you with energy to access your deeper gifts and create a legacy in your lifetime -- whatever that may be. The further the body is from its perfection, the more energy required to do simple tasks like walking, or even sitting. Those in chronic pain can attest to the energy drain of simply dealing with it -- I have certainly been there and know when this is my condition, I am much less effective and creative.

If you would like to experience this expansion, Block Therapy will provide the tools and process to take you there -- and it is simple, but discipline is required. If you would like to hear from those who have made this practice a lifestyle, join our private Facebook Community and be supported by amazing souls that will give guidance and share their experience.

Breathe & Believe

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