The Art of Fluid Isometrics

Eyes closed, senses heightened, the exploration about to begin - my heart initially races until the breath finds its rhythm. This is how I feel at the moment I give myself the time and attention to speak to my cells.

Anticipating uncovering the vastness of experiences from the past, combined with the awareness of wisdom literally at my fingertips; I explore the landscape with wonder and awe. Who needs to be entertained with external stimuli when the most exquisite sensations, memories and new experiences culminate in a moment that, if seen, looks like a slow, rhythmic dance?

Combining intentional connection with breath and flow, Fluid Isometrics comes to life. A hybrid of isometric resistance, with movement created from melting, Fluid Isometrics invites you to unzip the seams of time -- like surfing a wave. The energy in the wave is immense and  riding the wave propels you forward and fast.

Learning to catch the wave in your tissue connects you to the path of least resistance, giving you an enormous capacity to release old patterns. There are those precious moments when you find something strange – a lump, an irregularity, a texture not common, and you feel the changes beneath your fingers as you undo the threads of entanglement that enveloped the tissue. As you create change, perception changes. You are in the driver’s seat.

You learn to hear what your cells are saying. You begin to know the ins and outs of your body and learn how to best care for it. This comes with ease, not force, as your tissue releases its old ways and embraces the space created for growth and evolution.

Knowing that change is happening, no matter the issue, leads you to trust your intuition and proceed from a place of wisdom, not fear. The physical dance takes you to a place that is internal and timeless. The magic lies in the connection of pace, pressure and breath. The knowing comes from the communication between hand and cell and connects you to your higher self.

This is the art that I am excited to share. It is how my journey began. In the past I tried to share this with others as a form of self-care, but without the foundation of Block Therapy to step from, the awareness was challenged. For those who practice Block Therapy, this is the next step if you are wanting to tap into the deeper, more intricate layers of your fascia.

I believe we are here to do so much more, and I feel the most efficient way is to ensure that your cells and self are cared for. There are many components, but without the space inside the body to allow for flow, there is stagnancy, tensions and chaos. The Art of Fluid Isometrics is a beautiful compliment to Block Therapy to give you the deepest connection, release and over-all gratification of learning about the wisdom of your cells and reaping the amazing benefits of fascia decompressions.

Join me on this exciting and transformative journey beginning November 15th. I look forward to seeing you there.

The Art of Fluid Isometrics

Unzipping the Seams of Time, a Full Body Exploration

Join Deanna in this unique, exclusive experience to connect to the threads of entangled fascia, and untie them through the practice of Fluid Isometrics.

As a next level application in Deanna's native fascia decompression practice, this program is only for those who have a Starter Package as a minimum.

$997 - $847

Savings of $150 until Midnight November 14th

Start Date: November 15


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Breathe & Believe

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