Living in the Heavens

Imagination is the source of all creation. Before it can be reality, it is a spark of inspiration. Inspiration means the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. It also means the drawing of air into the lungs. We have prepared you for this with Living in the Exhale, Living in the Balance and Living in the Center, so now it’s time to be inspired!

When we are aligned in the body, energy can flow freely to all cells. The tricky part with us humans is that the shoulders, head and neck are situated above the ribcage, so gravity becomes a factor in the ease at which blood and oxygen can reach the cells above. It is the powerful pumping of the diaphragm muscle that drives this action, but not only that, we need to ensure that the channels for flow are maintained.

The tongue muscle plays a huge role in this. Noted as being the strongest muscle in the body, one of its jobs is to support the weight of the head. If not considered, this muscle becomes weak and acts as an anchor, pulling the head forward and down. This has many negative implications, one major one being that it blocks blood and oxygen to the brain. It also limits waste from being carried away from the head. Brain fog, in part, comes from a brain filled with toxins.

Each cell in the body is connected. The ribcage acts as the foundation for the shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head. Another thing to consider is how the alignment of the arms affects the brain. When in correct alignment, the palms should be facing forward -- this is anatomical position. If you look at most people standing and walking, their palms are facing behind them. This creates an internal rotation of the arms which directly affects the alignment of the head and neck.

Now that you have established a balanced base and stronger breath, let’s add another component to your awareness and with this I will add 2 actions to integrate. To connect to the heavens, you need to be the tallest version of yourself. This requires your foundations to be strong and your cells to be in their natural resting place -- at home. 

Firstly, let’s address the tongue. Notice at the roof of your mouth there is a ridge about a pinky nail distance from your teeth. The front of the tongue should dock in the ridge, and the surface should be supporting the roof. Imagine holding up an almond to the roof of the mouth -- this is the action to practice. When you do this, tuck the chin so the back of your neck elongates, and then draw the back of the head behind you, as if you were pushing it into the chair. Keeping the chin tucked is key so to not crunch the back of the neck.

Maintaining this alignment, next, walk around and turn the palms forward. Remember to Live in the Exhale, focus on feeling symmetrical pressure on both feet as you walk, brace the core to strongly connect to your center and feel like you are being pulled up toward the heavens. Notice how great it feels to walk with your cells being positioned in their home, rather than being pulled away from unconscious posture. This entire week, whenever you can, walk around in this alignment and allow your imagination to soar.


I recently read that many of us put limits even on our dreams. To allow your imagination to expand to whatever your heart’s desire, will charge those ideas and help cement them in reality.

Deanna Hansen - Founder

I recently read that many of us put limits even on our dreams. To allow your imagination to expand to whatever your heart’s desire, will charge those ideas and help cement them in reality. My dream is to see a world full of fascia conscious souls. I truly believe this will change how we all approach life, relationships with each other, animals and the planet as a whole. I imagine a world that is clean and healthy, where peace and open communication is at the forefront of all decisions. 

Live in the Heavens with your body, mind and soul. They all travel together, and each impacts the other. Starting with the physical is an accessible way to start, and then it becomes natural to allow the flow to reach the unlimited potential we as humans have at our disposal. Be creative, imagine a world you would love to see, and stay in that bliss whenever possible to supercharge that into reality. 

Breathe & Believe

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